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It was Birgit's birthday yesterday and I messed up! Let's all get together and make this a special day-after-birthday a great one!!!
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  1. Ianto6:14
  2. Kerwin6:49
  3. Birgit737:27
  4. Parrotj7:36
  5. MaryOz20227:48
  6. mercedes5009:36
  7. bubba272011:44
  8. Peggystarr312:43
  9. quilterdot12:45


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@Peggystarr3 - Thanks for the best wishes. I don't mind at all that it's a belated Happy B'day. My birthday was on Saturday and my son's on April 4. My friend's son was April 3 and her granddaughter April 5 and another friend's daughter was April 4 so lots of b'days happening. I spent the day with my youngest, who turns 36 on May 2, and his family. So had lots of fun with my grandson, Isaac 5, and granddaughter, Adira 3. My daughter-in-law baked a Black Forest cake but only put about 10 candles on it...which was good thing or we'd never blow them all out or perhaps burn the house
Some of the restrictions have been lessened in NS with weddings and funerals allowed to have up to 100 people. Also, eat in restaurants are open with social distancing still being practiced, but we have to wear masks in every store, which is a pain I don't enjoy. I just want to get back to normal...with no restrictions and our rights and freedoms in place once more.


Birgit73. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Birgit. Sorry I am late but have not been on the puzzles much. Was your birthday Sat,April 3 or Sun. April 4th? My daughters birthday was Sunday, April 4th, 58 yrs. Gad - and she s my baby!!!! So sorry you are so isolated in your home. That is a bummer. Things are gradually getting back to the old ways here, or at least in North Carolina, and South Carolina is pretty much the same or even more so. They have upped the numbers allowed in restaurants; starting back up on concerts, theaters, plays, etc. If you have had your vaccinations you can do everything with no restrictions, I think. I have not had my shots yet. I don't understand your neighbors. If they can't talk to you they could at least wave and acknowledge you - or yell a greeting. I also don't find that musclebound men very attractive. Muscles yes, but their rib cages are almost obscene!!(???) I also don't have the energy anymore. Who ever thought we would feel that way some day - lol. Since you so restricted did you do anything for your birthday or were you confined at home alone?? Do hope you had a pleasant day XXX000


Yeah, I hear that a lot for people who don't like the restrictions. I'm used to being in my own company and spending a lot of time inside, so the restrictions weren't a problem for me, but hey, your neighbours could at least give you a wave! Bit rude!


I've moved back to Nova Scotia so I can ready my house for sale and so far I've only talked to my immediate next door neighbour in 3 months. Everyone else is staying inside or if they do come out, they don't acknowledge that I'm here. I know this province has had very strict restrictions, but still...I do see a few people walking the subdivision or with their dogs, but it can be really lonely. My son and his family live over an hour away in another zone so technically I should not even drive there, but they are out in the boonies so it's not like police are going to be patrolling the zone lines. Yes, it is really tough being so restricted because I like my freedom and my natural rights so when they're taken from me...I have my own opinions about the whole covid thing...then it's hard.

Anyway, I hope life is better for you down under. Thanks for commenting on the puzzles. It's really been great to see the response from Jigidi friends.


Oh I'm so pleased, and consider you are being given extra warm, loving hugs from us too then. Are you finding things tough because of the virus?


@Kyrin - No worries, Christine...only a few friends knew about it but then the news spread...not that I family thought it was great. Thanks for the hugs and kisses, my friend...sure need them these days.


Nancy, Sarah did a video while holding Zavier where she and Ed were singing Happy Birthday and part way through Z put a hand up to his left ear and turned to face his mother, then after a few seconds placed both hands over his ears...of course, Sarah and Ed are laughing while the end though, Sarah said, "Are you ready?" On cue, my grandson waved to the camera. It was so funny and so cute.

Nope, those bods do nothing for me...they look like clones with the same build and height...and they don't look tall...I like tall men, especially since I'm tall.


OMG! Birthday Girl! I didn't know!
Big Hugs and Kisses Girlfriend XOXO


Happy Birthday friend (¯`’•.¸*♥◠‿◠)♥*¸.•’´¯) I hope you got lots of face time/zoom kisses from Zavie and the rest of your family!
I'm with muscle-bound Romeo for me. I like intelligence and humor. This eye candy isn't hard to look at though LOL!
Thanks, dj, for the reminder and making the card. I hope things are much better for Daniel (✿◠‿◠)


Thanks, Iris. Appreciate it.


Sending birthday smiles!☺


Thank you, my friends, for all your best wishes. Once upon a time I had the energy and inclination to 'play' with one of those, never really liked bulky 'studs', but never mind...I had the energy for extra curricular activity at that level....nope, not anymore...but it doesn't mean I'm DEAD! Definitely not...still looking for a suitable, age-appropriate Romeo... @generic_bear2 ... Yes, a strong, healthy man with character and charisma. :0}


Happy Belated Birthday Brigit!

Brigit, I totally agree with you, I have my Romeo, but I much prefer a strong healthy man to one of those!!!

Quite some choice for you Brigit! Choose wisely!!!


Lol great card Donna! Birgit that’s quite some choice but how are your energy levels?


Sorry to have missed it as well. Knew it was then, but didn't look at any of my reminders. 😱 😥 Queen for a day.👑 Happy Birthday young lady.🌹🌺🌼🌷


You know, it’s funny, but muscle bound guys like that do not appeal to me. I like tall & well built but not really iron muscle.
Thanks for the thought, sis.
I think I must be getting to old to look for ‘Romeo’. 🤪😂


Happy Birthday and I love the puzzle

Lots of eye candy there Brigit!! Happy choosing, and Happy Birthday!!!


Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are the best, any day!




Now here is a birthday puzzle I can easily salute! Way to go, dj, and happy birthday, Birigt.


@helenpuz - oops!!! *lol*


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