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Spain. Lovely dog Boeddha (for short: Bob)

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Bob is a sweet dog, 5 months old, who will grow to be big; unwanted by its owner who 'shoos' him into the garden day and night. There is a second dog that 'shoos' him off as well. He knows nothing: his food was put on the ground - never a bowl, no friendliness, never being in a house, or walking on a lead, .... but still is gentle, even to hens - but a cautious youngster. He will now stay with the owner of the mini campingsite where I am now. Good luck Bob... and make us proud of you!
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Wolflady: I'll stroke him - his head. He won't let us hug / cuddle him yet! But he loves to lick people all over their hands! (then it is HIM that is in charge, he is so carefull......)


Why do people get dogs, and not take care of them? I hope Bob has a long and
healthy life, and a lot of love. Hugs to him..


Yes Gemstone, it is hard enough that it is necessary, in all countries, that loving people care for the abandoned animals - and people too - !


Thank you so much Kurkurubito for you kind comments. I take the tekst to translation program and then make the answer and have it translated automatically in Spanish. I hope you understand.
Por cierto, pero ya es mucho más feliz y de aprendizaje. Voy a mandar nuevas fotos la semana que viene de Bob y Luna. Ya he enviado fotos de Luna, Bob y mi Bambi, jugando con las ovejas en el fondo.


Pobre perro, tiene cara de sufrimiento. hay personas que no se merecen ni el haire que respiran.


What a little love and caring will do! Blessings for Bob and his loving owner. :)


Bob has grown since I took these pictures. He now eats from a bowl, lets himself be stroked, and is learning to walk at a lead; frolics with Luna all day, and later on I will tell what his latest pranks are.....


Heart breaking and heart warming story of Bob....A Thank You to the camp owner for saving him :)))))


I really hope Bob will be happy now! So glad the campsite owner took him in! Thank him from me! :))


He has a lot of growing and filling out to do. Sounds like he has landed in a good place now. I've always been optimistic so I think he'll be fine :-)


Poor baby... GOD will give him the happiness he deserves... angels exist, dear Bob, just trust!!!


I hope Bob finds happiness.

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19 November 2020 - 4 July 2015
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