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Happy Ollie ❤️

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Last Friday on our walk.
Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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Ahhhh.... thank you!!!! Going to dream now of all those delicious goodies probably! ❤️


Sweet dreams, Yvonne! 🍭🍧🍬🍪🍦🍩🍰🍭


Hi Ardy, Pat and Faye! It was a nice walk and I could walk much better than last week. Didn't have to sit on benches or tree trunks all the time. So I'm on the mend.
Ollie loved it and so did we. We were there early and no one around, very quiet, lots of birds, temperature still nice. Lol, yes, here he is jaunty because we stopped to play some ball Faye! And that is what he loves best! I'm sorry you can't go for walks often anymore Pat. I know Bishka is okay with just being with you and spending time in the garden. But I know you did walk a lot with Cali. Lol, I will give him the bones Ardy! He will love them! Hope you all have a nice day. I'm off to bed soon. Tomorrow it will be a very warm day. Not looking forward to the coming few days. Love and hugs :))))


Looks more like a jaunt than a walk! LOL Such a beautiful boy! ♥️♥️♥️


Ollie looks so happy, and I bet you are too, he is fantastic and so nice to be around. Enjoy your walks, I use to all the time. Love and hugs my friend, & cuddles for Ollie.


Wonderful you and Ollie got to have a nice walk together. He is a happy dog. Thanks, dear friend, for sharing. Hugs 💖💖💖🦴🦴 (Forgot to leave Ollie a bone on the other puzzle. ☺)


Ahhh... that is so sweet. Thank you Pam. And glad to hear you haven't encountered these snails! Hope they stay away! Take care. :))))


Yes, we've been hearing a lot about the monster snails, especially warnings not to touch them. I haven't seen any yet, and hope I won't in future.
Sorry to hear of your sicknesses, Yvonne - hope you get to feeling better and better, each day. We're always glad to see you at Jigidi. ☀️♥︎☺︎♥︎☀️


Good to hear! :)) Read about some monster snails in Florida and thought of you! Glad you both are doing okay. I have been sick, one thing after another but I think I'm past it now. Not well yet but getting there. Hopefully more often in touch from now on! ❤️


Doing okay, thanks, Yvonne. Hope you folks are doing okay, too. ❤️


Hi Pam, good to see you! Hope you are well! Happy you enjoyed the puzzle! :)))))


Greetings, Yvonne! Thanks for this puzzle featuring Ollie enjoying himself. :-)))

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8 June 2021 - 6 April 2017
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