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A float plane landing in Lake Superior

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I enjoyed a picnic lunch while I watched float planes last fall🍂
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. . Wishing you a great new week too Linda!
Yeap, I like seaplanes :)


Hi Tea.. Great shot of that sea plane. Have a great new week. Loved the puzzle. Thank you.


Actually, we had a ship schedule and knew what time to expect a ship I was excited about seeing, then learned it wasn’t coming in till almost midnight. So we got some hamburgers and found a picnic table with a lovely view, figured out that another ship was coming in different entrance close by. Not much was going right, so the little picnic was a great “restart to the afternoon”! And the float planes were a pleasant serendipity surprise :)
Thanks again Suzy!


You found wonderful entertainment while enjoying your picnic lunch, Tea!


I’m laughing! I don’t have time to do my own puzzles, I’m enjoying other puzzlers’ puzzles😃 And I’ll have fun catching up with your bouquets with my coffee in the morning☕️ Have a good weekend.


Only still there because you don’t do your own puzzles lol


Hello Jill,
Float planes are pure entertainment, I enjoyed seeing them land and take off! I noticed you’re the Top Lady of the LB :)) Good job speedy tinker, Brian would be impressed!


Great photo, perfect entertainment whilst having a picnic lunch. Thanks Tea


Thank you :)



Wow! You have an adventurous spirit :))


LOL, the first time it was VERY bumpy and I wasn't a happy bunny! The second time it was ok, (I remembered to take the travel sickness tablets on that occasion!) but I'll have to see if there are any photos.... ☺☺☺


You haven’t told me that! A small plane ride sounds exciting :)) Do you have any photos (puzzles)?
Thank you for working the puzzle!


Nice lunch time view Tea! I have been in a sea plane a couple of times but have to say it isn't my favourite mode of transport! ☺

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