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The First Harvest

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These little berries are the first ones out of our strawberry patch this year. Small? Way too small! Tasty? Much better than any I’ve had from a store! These are a variety called Hood, and they were developed for flavor, not to be a big, shelf-stable berry that tastes like cardboard.


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You can both join me and we'll make a party of it!


Sounds good spaklies.


DELICIOUS xxxxxx i shall send you some cream to go with it xx ☺☺


Thanks, Ray!


Hi Elvis Banana,
Just to let you know, Gene Brown will be posted on Foxy40 starting Wednesday June 20.


Hi EB, I laughed so hard when I saw this. Today we did exactly the same thing - took pictures of our landscaping ground cover which are strawberries planted many years ago by my wild critter pets. Over 30 years ago we planted strawberries but found the patch didn't last more than a couple of years. To our surprise we started finding them growing as a pretty ground cover. They are the tiniest but sweetest, tastiest strawberries ever. I like to crush them in the bottom of a glass of lemonade. Here's a link to my harvest picture.

Since we are getting our house ready for sale I'm taking pictures of all the flowers. Ground covers are out of favor but I'm hoping to find the perfect person who will appreciate my wonderful "wild" yard.