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Mandarin Fish Tango.

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  1. Meeko1:20
  2. saladlover1:37
  3. sobby91:38
  4. Surreal_Heidi1:41
  5. Maryposa1:42
  6. mcgee1:47
  7. klstaker1:49
  8. Hecate1:55
  9. SoMuchFun1:56
  10. lilysue491:58


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Awesome looking fish - stunning colors! Thanks for posting and giving us some information regarding them...

Lovely , thank You


Wow! Everyday I discover new amazing things in this world. Thanks!


amazing. if they are difficult to keep they should be left alone. are they very small? how do they survive in the ocean when they stand out like a sore thumb? are they poisonous? i know, i should probably just look them up. thanks for something unique and unexpected.


Glad you like them! Mandarinfish come from the family Dragonet - meaning "Little Dragon", are from the Pacific Ocean, popular as pet marine fish, though difficult to keep, they require specialist care. There is also a spotted variety. ; )


Breathtaking fish!!! I've never seen this species before!

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