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‘’Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are already merging”

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“This illustration depicts what the Andromeda galaxy’s gaseous halo might look like if it were visible to humans on Earth. At 3 times the size of the Big Dipper, the halo would be easily the biggest feature on the nighttime sky, according to NASA. Recent measurements of the halo show that the collision between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies has already begun. Image via NASA/ ESA/ J. DePasquale and E. Wheatley (STScI)/ Z. Levay.

“Not taking the halo into account, the bulk of the Andromeda galaxy is now about 2.5 million light-years away from us and getting closer all the time. As stated above, as the Andromeda galaxy comes closer, it will appear larger in our sky.

“Between now and the eventual merger, any beings alive on Earth will see it get bigger and bigger and BIGGER in our night sky.

“The artist’s concepts below, released by NASA in 2012, show what will happen to Earth’s night sky as the Andromeda galaxy hurtles toward us.

“The descriptions below are based on painstaking Hubble Space Telescope measurements of the motion of the Andromeda galaxy, followed by computer modeling of the inevitable future collision between the two galaxies. A series of studies published in 2012 showed that – rather than glancing off each other, as merging galaxies sometimes do – our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy will in fact merge to form a single big elliptical, or football-shaped, galaxy.”

Courtesy of EarthSky. View the artist’s concepts mentioned above, read more, and watch a short video at:


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I stay in too, except for the brief grocery shopping excursions I make on Sunday and usually Friday mornings.


Can't say I've particularly smelled any wildfire smoke lately, but on the TV weather report they show plumes going right over Denver metro and said "Unhealthy for sensitive individuals." And now 2 new fires today west of Boulder, smoke coming your way... (more north of the city). So I just stay in.




Dang! I'm gonna miss the Andromeda event, even if I eat more healthily, do my daily exercises and floss every day. :-(


I dunno, Marilee. Check out this image copyright from my other Andromeda puzzle:


Huh? I haven't had any smoke on my side of town for a week or more.


I must have missed it, when are the two galaxies slated to merge in a noticeable way to Earthlings? Will there still be Earthlings?


Not a problem, as my bedtime has been 5 AM for some time now. But I suspect it will be moot due to the wildfire smoke... :(


Thanks, Rebecca. And good luck getting up that early. You may have to just stay up. ;-)


It's time for the Orionid meteor shower again -


I'm glad this one works for you, Donna!


Now, this is the type of photo dimensions I am used to seeing to present this matter. Take together is quite something.