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Freya - Enjoying a sunbeam

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Hi, Freya! You are so poised! I think you actually like to get your picture taken.


Not that was a blast from the past soo!! ☺☻☺


♪ She's a model and she's looking good ♪ ♥☺♥


She does make taking photos so much easier, Tisketsmum!

Thanks for the well wishes. I could do without feeling so tired every night! I'm in my bed by 9pm!


It is a beautiful photo catslave; have a beautiful subject helps :-D
I too have been thinking of you and your kitties; fingers crossed your medication has you feeling more comfortable and energised soon. xx


I think so too, LMSmithcats!

You're welcome, Oldhag! I was really pleased how the lighting turned out too!

Pammi, you may tell her that all the day long - she will appreciate it! ☺

Thank you for your good wishes. I'm getting by - tiredness is the thing that's stopping me from posting just now. Fatigue just floors me. I've started on sulfasalazine but it takes weeks to get to the full dose and then time for it to be effective. Then, hopefully, the RA will be under control, I'll be relatively pain free and life can resume as normal!


Hi catslave. So good to see you and the furry ones back on deck. How are you going these days? I really hope things are easier for you but I'm sort of thinking that you may be having a bit of a hard time with your hands of late as you have not been posting pics of the "gorgeous ones". Also, you have another winter coming on and I guess that's not so kind to you either. Rest assured, we are all still out here and thinking of you constantly but don't want to be a nuisance. However, we really want you to know you are being sent lots of good vibes from all over the world. ♥♥


Hello beautiful little Miss Sunbeam. Dare I say you are looking absolutely radiant? ♥♥

Incredible lighting, not to mention detail !!! Thanks for sharing !!!

Freya, you are just a beauty.

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