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Our small back garden with the first snowfall this winter, with the paw prints of an urban fox crossing the lawn. The old song declares “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter when the snow comes to cover the ground.” It sounds like the kind of song that Guy Mitchell would sing I think!
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  1. Zdeno6:19
  2. Vierunka7:05
  3. Rvander7:16
  4. PhyllisKin7:22
  5. wnpcktt10:01
  6. Dunsel10:05
  7. hettieteague11:44
  8. san6912:45
  9. jerrys16:49
  10. TheAge22:34


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The garden is secretly sleeping and gaining strength for a big spring surprise.


@Andrew2 Thanks for this most tranquil scene to start my morning. I could almost hear Dean Martin crooning his version over here.

Perhaps it proves that winter is the great equalizer! We are still awaiting our first snow cover. It is late this year as this is the second of the usual three coldest weeks of our winter and it was very near 50 degrees (F) here yesterday before a spitting rain set in in the afternoon and temperatures dropped into the upper 30s. Forecast calls for as much as an inch of snow possible over the weekend. Such predictions throw the city into panic, as if it never snows. There will be no eggs, milk. bread or toilet paper on store shelves by noon!!


@jerrys Funny how everyone’s garden looks the same when covered with snow. Thus says a non-gardener

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