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The most spectacular bracket fungus!

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  1. viktorie2:18
  2. 195909232:59
  3. lelabugosi3:14
  4. Eupathis3:20
  5. korb3:40
  6. ringleader5:03
  7. Plumpossum5:10
  8. Marva5:38
  9. dondi6:18


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It is written down Varda!! Thanks so very much!!

I'm very glad you do!! I've never understood people walking in a wood, kicking all fungi on their way!! Thanks so very much Lela!!

Do hope you'll have a good time with it. Thanks Ank!


I only looked to the photo and it looks beautiful. I have to bookmark it.


I'm really enjoying your fungi, Hanne and Bent........they are all very photogenic!


For a really fascinating read on fungi, try "Mushrooms, Molds, and Miracles" by Lucy Kavaler. I think has it.


I know that I show many bracket fungi, but they are so different and so beautiful. I've got some more just as a matter of fact!! Thanks so very much!!


Indeed, a beautiful specimen. And yes, very good photography of it.


He sends you his most charming smile!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


This is a big one. Again I'm so impressed with the clarity or detail - even to being able to see sharply defined blades of grass. Wonderful photography. Tell Bent I do admire his work. Thanks Hanne.

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