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I'd seen a female or juvenile cardinal feeding on the ground at my feeding station on a couple of occasions this winter, but the "pair of cardinals" which we usually see was nowhere in evidence. Then today, this fellow showed up. I couldn't get a good picture, but he showed up again later in the afternoon, so I have hopes for the future.

Now the question is, did he fly in, or has he been here all along? Are you missing any, Laurajane?
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That's a lot of pixels. It's still a great shot, even if it isn't as crisp as you'd like.


Octomom, this is a cropped shot - but since my camera takes 16 megapixel images (4600 x 3450 pixels), I crop and resize downward most of my shots. The bird was about 30 feet away, but my ultrazoom camera goes to 1000mm equivalent telephoto. I think this was about 4-5 times the size you see it here after cropping. But it's not as sharp or detailed as it should have been - maybe movement by the cardinal (slow shutter speed in overcast conditions and extreme telephoto) or a focusing error.

Wolflady, that beats laurajane's 25 cardinals!


Wonderful shot!


Beautiful picture. Along with all my other critters I have about 40 cardinals out there,
especially at dusk. Yes, I could get in trouble feeding the deer, but when everything
melts I will take my blower out and go up on the hill and blow it all away. It is just all
weeds up there, and they don't mow it half the time. But there isn't any food around
and they are all so hungry. We are getting more snow tonight, tomorrow and Sunday.




Great shot, Don. Were you close by or is this a cropped shot? Either way, it's terrific.


Certainly shows up beautifully on the snow background.


Well done dondi, he's a beauty! They are territorial here and remain all year round, but of course we don't get your winter! Not sure.


You do so well with a camera! Thanks.


He must have found some other person's birdseed more appealing. Or if he showed up alone, maybe he's looking for the Mrs. Beautiful shot!


What a handsome fellow, and a wonderful shot. Thank you! :-)


Great shot, don!


Looks like he's posing and laughing, like it's an in joke that he's finally revealing himself.


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