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☘ꕥ☘ Flowering maple ☘ꕥ☘

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Maple (Acer platanoides) blooms in spring with delicate yellow-green flowers, followed by a flood of green leaves
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A beautiful fan of Maple spring - how beautifully said, thank you Marina. Bees are very happy with these early messengers of spring ... and so are we ♥:))


A beautiful fan of Maple spring!


Judy, I misunderstood, again! I am sorry. Certainly it is still a pleasant memory for you. And now you're closer to your family, that's great ♥:))


Thank you. It was my adulthood though. First home we bought. Had to sell it to move closer to my daughter and grandson.


Judy, you're right, maples bloom very early and bees enjoy it. I know the feeling of standing under a tree and hearing their buzzing, mostly associated with the scent of flowers and it's a really beautiful experience. I'm so glad I brought you the memory of your childhood ♥:))


I grew a maple tree at my old place. Lived there 30 years. It was always the first place the bees would come in the spring. You could stand under it and listen to their buzzing. :-)

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