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caterpillar of saturniidae moth

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What you see here is the amazing caterpillar of saturniidae moth. The family Saturniidae includes the largest species of moths which generally feature heavy bodies covered in hair-like scales, lobed wings, reduced mouthparts, and small heads.

Saturniid caterpillars are large (50 to 100 mm in the final instar), stout, and cylindrical. Most have tubercules that are often also spiny or hairy. Many are cryptic in coloration, with countershading or disruptive coloration to reduce detection, but some are more colorful. Some have urticating hairs.[3] A few species have been noted to produce clicking sounds with the larval mandibles when disturbed. Examples: Luna moth (Actias luna) and Polyphemus moth (Antheraea polyphemus). The clicks may serve as aposematic warning signals to a regurgitation defense. Wilipedia
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  2. Bevna3:11
  3. carrps3:31
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Trivia counts!


Thank you for the comment, carrps- l am the one who is learning so much (all trivia-)


myself1935, thanks for doing the research!


Carrps, when l googled this image l found dozens of caterpillars, including a few quite exotic looking ones, but none anywhere near the coloration of this one-


I wonder if there are more caterpillars like this one? Because THIS one is certainly flamboyant!


Carrps, That's very true! l had not thought about that!


Interesting that this caterpillar is more resplendent than the actual moth... when it's usually the reverse.


My dear bear- how do you know they don't live in your backyard? If they don't plenty of others do!


Not afraid in the least, Odette- He lives on my computer screen where he is quite harmless-

l should think he would be tempting to birds, pretty like a flower as he is!
Thank you Donna and DJ-

He is beautiful!! I am glad they don't live in my back yard, IF they did, I would tell them "You want to eat that, go ahead!" Then I would move to another part of the country!!!! LOL


Yeah, a no from me, I know it’s pretty colors, but aren’t you guys afraid of things like this? Apart from the poison....
Speaking of ew, the cicadas are supposed to arrive in a month!


Yes, I thought that they might be.
Sort of fashioned after a flower and would be quite tempting.


All dressed up in its finery! So pretty. :-)) dj


Thank you, pattyanne-

Donna, he is special-All those pretty tentacles contain a bit of venom- so it best be admired from afar-


Well, aren't you just really special, little one.

Probably lepidopterists.


It is so colorful, l could not resist-
Who ever heard of this thing?


Kind of a like a Dragon looking thing.


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