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Happy Birthday Robin Rene, Mitu & JC ♥♥

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Our kitty friends are celebrating their 10th birthdays today and we have been invited to a virtual party in Texas along with all our other kitty friends. Giddy knickers, catnip and treats are packed and we are ready for an exciting and wonderful day ☺
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  1. tisketsmum2:19
  2. babray2:25
  3. Impie2:58
  4. Merry3:18
  5. Atsutsa3:21
  6. beyondwords3:36
  7. canoekaw3:47
  8. alcina3:48
  9. rhjrgj4:06
  10. Sylly4:08


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LOL Rebecca ☺♥☺

It's always good to have an entertainer at parties as I'm sure you girls would agree. Love Auntie soo xx

You know what they say about the quiet ones Pammi ..... ☺☺


I always suspected there was so much more to Atsutsa than he usually lets us see. A real Party Boy, eh???? Wish I had been there to see it. ☺☺☺☺☺

You are right auntie Soo!!!! Atsutsa was SO MUCH Fun! Everybody was!!! The Birthday Girls! ☺☺♥


Milly looks like "That's TODAY?" LOL


The party was so good Auntie Pammi that we didn't want to come home but we are sure we will be going back to West Texas soon. The birthday girls forgot they were shy when they saw Atsutsa in his giddy knickers ☺ Love Milly & Willow ♥♥♥♥


Oh, you lovely girls, I am so pleased you had such a good time at the party and I'm sure the shy birthday girls had a ball with all their new friends. ♥♥♥♥♥


We had a great time Auntie Carrie. Auntie Betty looked after us all so well, she is a star. Love Milly xx

soo, yep! It happens a lot around here! ☺☺☺


How wonderful to be able to go to the party so far away from where you live! Have lots of fun!


Are you sure??? This was Milly when she arrived home LOL ☺☺☺☺

Of course not!!! ☺☺☺


That's good to know Betty. Hope Milly isn't eating too many treats!! ♥

They are all behaving, soo and yes, Impie! ALl here have properly remembered Goofie fondly. They promise each other and you that King Goofie will always be at the center of all celebrations. ☺♥




Aww thank you girls....that's very sweet of you..♡♡


Thank you for leaving your birthday wishes for our West Texas kitty friends chilisand :))

I'm sure Kitty Kat is having a wonderful time alcina ♥

Oh Anne, Atsutsa wouldn't be Atsutsa if he wasn't entertaining all the kitties ☺♥☺

Thank you Mrs Impie ♥ The party is in full swing now and we have toasted our very special friend Goofie with a nibble on the catnip. Love Milly & Willow xx

Thanks for taking good care of all the kitties Betty, hope they are all behaving ♥♥


Happy Birthday Robin Rene & Mitu....I hope you will have a wonderful celebration of your 10th birthday with your Jigidi kitty friends!
Hugs, Impie ♥♥

Milly and Willow, you've made a lovely birthday card for the two birthday girls, ♥♥


Please tell Atsutsa that I've placed Mr. Mousey in his sleeping space waiting for him. I know he will wear himself out entertaining everyone. Anne

Everyone is having a great time, new and old friends! Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!!


Happy Birthday, all you cats out there.....enjoy your day together!

They are having a wonderful time and are all enjoying their Jigidi Friends!


Kitty Kat is also excited to go and will be bringing some Maryland catnip with him. He's looking forward to meeting the birthday kitties and all the other Jigidi kitties.


Happy Birthday!

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