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Spotted in UK :-)

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Bad ideas are everywhere.


Bad idea :-))))

That they are, and do.

One of the townhomes had people moving in, while they were still building in the back.


Thanks Ianto. They build everywere they are allowed, because the can have people in nearly before they are finished :-)))

In the last three years I have two places of townhomes, that has been built within two miles from my complex. One has an apartment building. The new place that I did puzzles on.

Plus another one that they just started building in a different direction. That one will be big.


Thank you so much Ianto and Bubble. In this arear they build too. My home was newbuild 2 years ago. 100 appartments. I moved in a year ago :-)))



That is good.

There has been building here for over 35 years.


Here on the Island they work thru the night in the summer to fix the roads and there's always something going on somewhere.
Build build build more is the name of the game. (̑̑•̺̑̑•̑̑)

So it is not just over here.

There has been building a lot in my area, and the towns around me, For years.


LOL Ianto. We have one of the roads out of town being repaired, rerepaired, new repaired for over a year

Ohh Bubble - you will waiste your youth :-))))


Oh thats ok then, will just wait in the car for it to reopen.

That is true.

The road work by me, only lasted just over a year.


Thank you so much Janet. Sad for the people missing there bridge. Hugs :-)))

:-))) Alias

When you grow old Juba :-))))

Ohh yes Pinguine, that is the joker :-))))

Yes Ianto, but not much tolean to if you live that way :-))))

LOL Lia. They should not have left

:-))) Neville


That sounds a bit like the road works around here. A bridge on a country road outside our little town was damaged badly in the 2013 floods. Still not fixed! The people who live out there have to drive miles around another road to get home. Thanks and hugs my friend. ❤️😍💕



Mom! When are we going to get there?

I wonder in which year they‘ve started…??? Just in case I pass by…

Not good, but at least they were told.


One of the disasters that happen in England nowadays, after they decided to go for the Brexit.


:-))) ♥♥♥


It is, but it might be "lack of hands" for the compagni or a long holliday :-)))))


Sissel, it's a worry!! :-))) ♥♥♥


Live longer Jandchris :-))))
Just scratching my head


What on earth are we going to do???? 😁😁😁


Hugs Raaike :-))))


:-))))) ♥

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