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Not happy posing


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How is the weather there lately?
We have been running our AC every day :-(


We have the air on in the hot weather. She is not allowed outside alone, as it is against the
rules here. We can't have fences in our town houses. We go walking early in the morning
when it is warm out, no one else is out and it is very pleasant. I take her out on the patio
when it is decent and brush her. She is very content to be in the house, think this is the
first time anyone ever treated her nice, and she loves it. She was abused, and her teeth
are really in bad shape, maybe she was locked in a cage and tried to chew her way out,
the vet doesn't know either. She is happy now and that is all that counts. She is just
a wonderful dog, and I am so glad I found her at 6 1/2, already 2 years have passed.
Sorry I didn't see your note right away. Your dog looks so sweet. Have a nice day.


how is she doing in during the warm days? Mine just wants to chill outside & only moves minimum.


She just hates having to pose, and I feel guilty doing it. Thanks Andie. Hugs..


Looking at your little reluctant face I think you'd rather not have your photo taken but you are so gorgeous,would be a shame not to be able to enjoy seeing you in your pretty home.
Love from Andie and Artus.


Thanks Ardy, she really doesn't like to pose. Smooches from Bishka, and hugs from me.


Lovely to see you again, Bishka. I agree you do better when watching chippies than with formal posing. Thank you, Pat. Delightful photos. Hugs. Scratches for Bishka.