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Fiorita oggi, in giardino.
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  1. Liz12341:31
  2. libiohac1:33
  3. rainbow11:36
  4. eliskaruza1:37
  5. peggy661:39
  6. bekati1:39
  7. Pekaji1:41
  8. JigSaw20161:42
  9. mimino1:47
  10. Bevna1:47


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This is a new one for me, too! It's very interesting ..... Pretty, too!

I have not ever seen this clematis before and didn't know what it was. Thanks for identifying lincoln48c. I have 4, all different colours. Thanks for showing me a new one pimpinella.

This year, may be due to a very mild winter (here, near Milan, Italy, we had no snow), blooming is very rich.

This is a beautiful Clematis or sometimes called a "Passion" flower. I had them growing in a prior house but mine did not have such a good color contrast. Great photo. Thanks for a special puzzle.

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