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Remembrance Day 2013

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Lovely remembrance and thank you anther. 11-13-22




Hi riveroad, Sally and Proobear, I'm glad you enjoyed the puzzles. it was my bit towards remembering the fallen and those who returned, some never to enjoy life fully again. My grandfather suffered the effects of gas poisoning until he died at 88 yrs. Thank you all.


Hi Chrissie! Just got motivated to do this because the monument in my home town was damaged last year when someone was escaping police in a stolen car. It has a red granite base with names engraved on it from WW1, and an extra part remembering the WW2 soldiers from there. The white marble soldier had to be redone in Italy and then returned to South Australia. Today it was being rededicated by our state Governor. I was supposed to go but finished up collecting grandson from school as daughter was expecting tradesman.


Thanks Anther.


Thank you, Anne.... We do need to remember and visualize how much has been sacrificed to give us our freedom.... In many countries there is none, in some it hangs by a thread.... Thank you is not enough, but its all I have at this stage in my life... Thank you all, who fought and died and are still fighting the battles to keep us free....


Nicely done, Anther, both puzzles. And thank you to all who have been and are in service.


Thank you for posting this, Anne. If we forget it is at our peril.
Let us never forget the sacrifices that gave us freedom today.


Apologies for the seemingly chopped off I's at the beginning of two sentences. They were cut off when starting the new line.

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