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Bizarre Town

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216 pieces
32 solves
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A 5000 piece puzzle by Ravensburger - Finished!
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  1. eyelvpuzls35:52
  2. mylos44:10
  3. MollyT49:04
  4. Egg51:04
  5. RoaminNana52:31
  6. lizlin1:02:50
  7. mommaschaefer1:06:22
  8. helios1:08:08
  9. peewee11:10:53
  10. nanberro1:15:04


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Thanks Adlib071 & lizlin (love the Tigger!) :))


Great fun - thanks :)


This was a really fun puzzle :)


Oh, and I'm no expert on searching! But if you are ever having trouble and need some help, just ask! I'd be really happy to help! (❛ᴗ❛)


I just went to google images and used the search term "Bizarre Town Ravensburger"! And when I found an image that didn't look like a photo that someone else had taken, I clicked on "search by image", and then filtered on "large" in sizes. You want the biggest image possible for puzzles with a large number of pieces, or the pieces will be eeny weeny, and/or it won't go to as many pieces as you want it too.

And for me to have a look, I would like smallest possible - like 9 pieces? Or under 20? I know, I know. I'm a wuss!! LOL!!


Wow - how did you get that ? I will obviously have to take some lessons from you - could be a whole new career !! How many pieces would you like? I will post you one, & a large size. :))


I have to confess to only looking at it from the thumbnail. I'm a big fraidy cat - and even 216 pieces is too big for me!! You might have been able to find a high res version of it online to post as a puzzle though.

Actually, have you thought of doing that - in the maximum pieces? It would be no where near 5000 pieces of course - but there are a bunch of puzzle solvers here that LOVE the biggest size, of the most challenging images.

This one is a nice big size that might do the trick:


Ah - you found it! I'm afraid it came out a bit fuzzy - my poor photography I expect. I was going to set it at 400+ pieces, but I thought that would be a bit cruel! Cheers:))


GASP!!!! Amazing work, Janet! Really. I'm gobsmacked at the thought of even attempting 5000 pieces. Well done!! (❛ᴗ❛)

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