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Tarot ~~ 2 August

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What mysteries will the WildWood Tarot reveal for YOU today?
To find out ~~ solve the puzzle ~~ your mystic message will appear!

The WildWood Tarot Card Deck is read and interpreted for us each day by
~~~~ Joanne The Psychic ~~~~
WildWood Tarot Card Deck authors ~~ Mark Ryan, John Matthews
WildWood Tarot Card Deck art & illustration ~~ Will Worthington

Daily Dharma from "Tricycle"
"Practice Is Enlightenment"
"Practice and enlightenment are mutually correlative; they evolve
in conjunction with each other. You won’t have a sophisticated
practice without a sophisticated image of enlightenment nor a
profound image of enlightenment without profound practice."
—Interview with Dale Wright by Sam Mowe,
“Why Enlightenment Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All”
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  1. l_bethoney1:44
  2. Cootje602:01
  3. cstars172:13
  4. Thyme2:33
  5. ffederica2:35
  6. Nonnygee2:45
  7. cacmfc3:02
  8. hrichrod3:04
  9. Lindoz3:07
  10. sadsus3:28


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