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Breakfast - Bacon, egg, and cheese on a biscuit

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Posted on Reddit by dylanresta-, who received a lot of cute lines in the Comments section:

"Who do I have to kill?"

"Ronald McDonald."

"Brekky on a scone? 'Cor blimey mate."

"This is it. I can die happy knowing I got to see this lol."

"Looks like pasteurized cheese product to me!"

"Do brits call cookies 'biscuits'?"

"The ones I know do. Now do chips."

"Do brits call fries 'chips' and chips 'crisps'?"

"I mean, it's not a scone. We call scones "scones"."

"No. We call biscuits, biscuits. Keep them scones across the pond where they belong."

"We will, you guys have way more than enough to worry about."


"From an American perspective:

Biscuit (Fluffy, savory)

Scone (Dense, sweet)

Cookie (Varied textures, less bready than the others, sweet)

Muffin (Fluffy, sweet, moist)

English Muffin (Airy, almost always split and toasted)"

* * * *


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If you have a Tim Horton's near you, they make a pretty decent biscuit, much like in the picture, with bacon and cheese.They put egg with it as well but I'm not a fan of fast-food eggs on a sammy.They seem to taste like egg beaters or some not-a-real-egg type of thing.


Don't forget the almighty crumpet, toasted, dripping with butter that gets into all the holes, and raspberry jam.Yummers!


I don't know why, but I have never liked biscuits. Just something about the taste. :-)) dj


Not sure the exact difference Nev, but to me a scone is more pastry like in texture and taste than the American biscuit, which is more bread like, but crumbly. This was one of my "go to" breakfast delights until the doctors took my salt away!


yum! is your transporter working? i would like one of these sent to me. make sure it's nice and hot. :) Penny

I have to go with biscuits any time! My grand mother and my mother did the best biscuits and biscuits were the first thing they taught me to cook !! .


@Ms_Maddy, @ulangariver,

One of the Comments was:

"No offence meant mate. I'm an Aussie so I'm just curious. Our English is the pretty much same as English English, not US English. (Except we shorten everything with an O or Y) let's have some biccy's and scon-o's for arv-o tea. It's too much work to say the WHOLE word. ;)"

Do you have anything to add on the subject? :-D

Such as: Is biccy pronounced bicky or bicsy?

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