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Virginia Rail

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This fellow stopped at my house for a rest during migration north. Hung around for 24 hours, plucked a small goldfish from my crawdad pond, and was gone. So cool to see one up close, though!
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  1. LadyGator4:28
  2. Bill_I_Am4:49
  3. dris6515:14
  4. ssdonohoe5:48
  5. chivi1115:58
  6. darmala6:03
  7. Miwi7:06
  8. Johnson7:26
  9. amf7:42
  10. goup27:51


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Cute little visitor! I don't think I've ever seen a Virginia Rail in person in Denver.


I'm glad you enjoyed! I'll have to check out your puzzle. I was hoping it would hang around longer, I thought it was so cool! We're putting in a new, bigger crawdad pond today, a friend and her daughter found five more in the parking lot of their church today, and brought them over, lol.


How nice of you to provide a birdie bistro for your migratory guests, LadyGator! Great minds think alike, I guess. I just posted this puzzle earlier, but I did have to settle for using someone elses photography: Neat birds though. Fun puzzle - it had me scrambling with that textured background, so thanks! - Andy

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