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Cheryl, I would say they THINK they are lost. They have never experienced anything like this before!! It must be scaring!! Thanks so very much!!

I do like your optimism, whatnauts!! Thanks so very much!!


The poor golden ones are not having a golden time at the moment. But no doubt things will improve tomorrow.

Thanks Hanne and Bent.


If they are lost (are they REALLY?) then they are lost in the best possible place. I think some one/thing will tip them off on how to become unlost and then they will love where they are and, hopefully, learn just how wonderful it is.


Thanks Ann, you comfort them so very much! And you are SO right!!


Not to worry, Little Guys. You have come to rest inside a magical ancient sacred Stone Circle, whether by chance or Grand Design. The Unicorn knows this---see how calm he is? He knows they are well protected and that their problem will soon be solved............


We are waiting for Deus ex Machina!! But when will it happen?? Thanks Robbie and Lela!!


Oh it's getting to be like "Pilgrims Progress"......well....maybe not!.....No doubt it's just a small setback on the road of discovery!......


"Oh my goodness!" says one........ "Heavens to Murgatroyd!" says the second....... " Holy Moly" says the third Golden Boy!!! "Neighhhhhhh" says the Unicorn!!
We will wait for tomorrow, thanks Hanne and Bent. Maybe if Lela and I gave them a cuddle they would feel better.........Maybe not!!!!


Ohhh, you are so sweet too, all of you are, but how should they find them? Ask the monster or the gnomes?? I'm sure they would if they could but.....Oh I'm sorry Zombie!! Thanks so very much for your concern!!

Jan, poor Jan, no, I would never ever let them be hurt, but close to!! You know, don't you, that when everything looks simply hopeless, things happen!! That's what fairytales are for!! Dagmar is very close as usual, they have to learn. Be patient, I can tell you that it all ends well!! Thanks so very much for your concern too!!


Well, you just KNEW this was going to happen. Look at who they were asking directions from!! LOL

Of course, Dagmar is right....It is a test. They will find their way! I just know it..... right? right, Hanne? you wouldn't let them be hurt? right, Hanne??

Such anguish and despair! I agree with chickiemama and barbaraL but I know they have a very close knit family and if they don't find their way soon others will come looking for them. Thanks so much Elfie!


Yes, shall we?? Thanks so very much Barbara!!


Aw so sad, someone go and give them a cuddle.


You are SO sweet Sandy!! I don't like it either!! Thanks so very much!!


Bless their hearts. I don't like to see them sad.


Thanks so very much sandhill25252, you might be right!!

Yes, Ardy, but not enough - or what? Perhaps they have to learn something? There are many aspects of what's happening here, many ways of interpreting depending on what you put into the story!! Thanks so very much!

Dagmar, you might be right too, your way of thinking is very close to mine, but still, they feel lost - right now!! Thanks so very much!!


The poor little warrios and the unicorn are very tired and exhausted after days spent in this seemingly endless forest, they are starting to despair only the unicorn still hasn't lost its calm, perhaps it knows that this is a test send by the godess to prove their worth before granting them their wish. For tonight they will rest and see what the morrow will bring. :))

Thanks Hanne and Bent for an other chapter of the saga "Adventures of the Golden People". :)))


How can they be lost? They have the unicorn with them. I thought unicorns had magical powers. Oh dear. What now?

Awww, she will find them i think

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