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Panoramic Western Sky

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It's hard to believe you left that comment way back on July 11, 2015! I must apologize for failing to reply.

This was one of the first puzzles I published on Jigidi, and I didn't know a thing. At that time, I didn't even know about notifications, so I had no idea you'd left a comment. Even if I had, I wouldn't have known how to reply.

I was looking at my old puzzles this morning, and just happened to open this one. Lo and behold, there was your comment! So now, after MORE than THREE YEARS, you'll finally get a reply. I'm sure you've long since forgotten about this puzzle, but I still fee like I should reply. Had I been aware of the process at the time, I would have written something like this:

Thank you, Connie, for your kind words. If you really want to know where this road leads, I'll leave the answer below. If you prefer the mystery, please accept my appreciation for your comment, and know that you're always welcome to solve my puzzles.

If you would prefer not to know where this road leads, please stop reading now.

This road goes into the Coastal Range of Oregon. This specific road ultimately ties into another road, but a person could work his or her way through the Coast Range on old logging roads. It is also possible to wind one's way to a highway that cuts through to the coast. Either way, the location a person would find him- or herself in would most likely be a small coastal town called Lincoln City. It is in the central part of the Oregon coast.

You did good on this one ElvisBanana. I'd travel this road just to see where it goes. Thanks for sharing. connie

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