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This time with my dad and his mother.


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Wow Bev!
People like your uncle have such big hearts. So your mom and dad were born on the same island in different villages, and didn't meet until they came to the US? That is amazing.
I've never seen Endeavor. They always leave you hanging at the end, don't they? I hope they come back with an 8th season for you!
We are watching old episodes of Criminal Minds that we missed the first time around. And then I stitch on James' stocking. I am determined to have it done in time for Christmas.
Hugs, dear lady!

Picture this Island of krk...Many families have the same last name and no one is related .::::))) Sometime I think, we are lucky to have ten fingers and ten toes. My dad was born on krk village of Kras and my mom village of Hlapa.
They met here in the USA. My uncle, my mom's brother in law, was instrumental in bringing and sponsoring many immigrants and found them jobs. Usually only the man of the house came and worked and sent money home.
Many retired and went back home. Many met their last either here or someone back home passed. Had a few relatives that that happened to. I watched the last episode (for this season) of Endeavor. It was a nail biter. Hopefully they will have a 8th season. I hope so. Shaun Evans and Roger Allam good actors. Goodnight!!


Interesting, Donna. My dad was born in 1923 on a farm in South Dakota. He talked about the Depression and how they had to shoot cattle and bury them in a mass grave. They couldn't feed the livestock, so the government gave them so much per head to destroy. Soooo sad for farmers.


My dad was 14 years older than my mom. He was 58 when my youngest sister was born. He grew up in the U.P. Mich in a lumberjack family. I think he moved to Chicago to find work during the Depression. Yes, he knew German and I guess that is why all of us kids took German in high school. Dad’s other grandparents were Canada and spoke French.


Wow Donna! Riding in the police car between two gangsters would have been quite the experience!
Your dad was born in 1902? He must have been a little older than your mom. Do you know if they spoke German in the home? You have an interesting family.


Judy, another great picture. Hubby’s family has very few pics. My family has a ton. Our immediate family took slides, so pictures are few and far between. My dad used to talk a lot about growing up, his mom dying when he was nine and being raised by his dad and German grandmother. He was born in 1902. My mother was too busy raising kids to talk much about her past except how she got shot in the foot walking home from school in the 1920s in Chicago. She got caught in a crossfire between some gangsters. The police took her to the hospital. She had to sit between 2 gangsters in the police car. She also talked about her dad trying to poison her mom. My Moms Mom would talk about her life and boy, could she tell the stories. When my daughter and I do genealogy, we find newspaper articles and I remember something I heard and we start laughing from all the crazy things we find. I have written some of those stories down.


Thanks BB!
I couldn't believe how many photos my MIL had of herself growing up. My parents didn't have very many at all.


Hi Niccy!
Thank you! Yes, there was a lot they could have told us. I guess that's the way of life. I did get my dad to tell some stories about his childhood in the last few years of his life and I've treasured those. I started a project when I was working about writing down my memories for my kids to read when I'm gone. Things like wringer washers that they have no knowledge of were common place when I was growing up. We didn't own a dryer until we moved when I was about 9. Mom either hung it on the line or we took it to the laundromat in town.
I better stop. I could ramble on and on. lol
Thanks for stopping by and enjoying my photos. ♥♥♥


Oh Bev,
What a great story. I wonder if she feels like I do when I go back? Sad to see that there's nothing much left and miss the way it was when I was young.
Your mother was from Croatia. Where was your dad from? Oh the stories they could tell! But when we're young, we're too impressed with ourselves and it's all about us. Then when you finally realize, they had a story too, it's sometimes too late.
I will listen to your stories anytime, Bev. I find them very interesting!
Thanks! ♥♥♥


I agree, jals. I wish I'd known a couple of my uncles better. This is a wonderful photo for you to treasure.


Great picture to have jals, you're one of the lucky ones to still have some. : )

Judy, you and I, feel the same. I knew so much about my mom's family and not enough about my dad's.
Most of my mom's people landed in Chicago. My dad was sponsored by one of two brothers who were in USA before he got here. My dad worked at Inland Steel co. 8 to I was with my mom more than with him.
he was a good guy and passed in 1963 born in 1892. My mom, most of her life lived with me and died age 95 and was born 1900. She came here in 1922 and in 1964, my brother's and I talked her into visiting her siblings in Croatia.
It took her 42 years to go back home. She left N.Y. by ship in 1964 and returned in Oct. 1964. My husband and I picked her up in N.Y. I asked her about two years later if she would like to go back and visit. She said never.
Golly Judy, thanks for listening .
This is a great picture, I love it.


Thanks Bobbie, Cyndi, and Merrie!
Merrie, I think my dad's mother died not too long after this.
I was lucky to have them still alive.
I wish I could go back in time and get to know them better. The wealth of knowledge would be priceless.

Wow, how lucky you were to have both grandmothers for these photos.


What a beautiful four generations photograph. TFS