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Sunday kaleidos

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I gather it's too difficult for the Jigidi team to update their app to comply with changes required for all app developers from Apple. Apps that thrive are those who keep up to date with changes. I'm not sure what the actual problem is with making changes to the Jigidi app but to me it seems not to be cost effective for them. They said only a small percentage of their users use the app. I paid a one off fee when I first used the app to remove ads, however once it moves to the website page to do the same is an annual cost. Am I just being suspicious? ;-) I'd be happy to pay the annual fee for the app as well if that's the reasoning behind it. I do that for all my most used apps.
Sorry your problem isn't able to be fixed Bird, I'm keeping my fingers crossed mine stays working effectively.

Sparklie, it was Jigidi who stopped supporting the app, not Apple. Is the Developer, in this case Jigidi, that services / updates the app.


magnificent creation dear trish xxx loved it - i heard that apple no longer supports the app - so sad xx hope you find a way to keep puzzling dear bird xxx i love doing puzzles on my computer -have a laptop but hate using it - but use my mobile phone to create my puzzles but it wont let me solve on my phone ☻☻☻ love and hugs to both of you ♥♥ @BirdNana @Trish237

There is nothing that can be done. They told me they no longer support the app, no updates no fixings. I will enjoy the App as long as it goes on. I am forced to slow down and is good for detox LOL. I find using their website in the iPad difficult and I cannot do it in the computer, so eventually I will be less and less active.


Oh my goodness Bird - and it's no use asking if there's an update as we know there won't be! I open the app and often write a comment there but mostly I open the web page and do my commenting that way. But I only use the app for putting puzzles together. I love my iPad - have had one from the earliest releases. In fact I still have it but it no longer works as I can't charge it. They are so versatile, I take mine on holiday and when visiting friends - they always ask me technology questions as they know I can usually answer them. Hope your issue resolves itself - have you tried turning your iPad off then on again? That often resets things and fixes issues.

Hi Trish, I have been having copy-paste problems and spelling correction, only with the Jigidi app so is not my iPad. If I want no problems I have to write my comment in the Notes App and copy and paste. Otherwise it takes me forever to write a comment.


Hi Bird - yes, no problems at present with the app. Are you having problems with yours?

Trish, is your app working good? BirdNana aka Bird


gorgeous and so much fun xxxx sunday hugs ♥


Pleased you liked this one Val ☺️


Pretty thank you Trish☺☺

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