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New visitor: Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker male

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Actually, there were two of them.I first saw one a few days earlier, but by the time I got my camera, it had flown into the distance. This time, there were two - male and female (both had red heads, so neither was a juvenile, but this one is a male, because it also has a red chin)? By the tiime I got the camera, I just caught a couple of shots of this one before it shifted around to the back of the tree, then flew off. You can just see some of the (faint) yellow on the belly - along the bib in the photo on the left, and near the tail in the photo on the right.

After that, I left the camera out there, and had one more new visitor - a Rufous-Sided Towhee. Unfortunately, it was in the long grass and not very visible. I got my camera out, but instead of coming out onto the lawn, it flew back into the raspberry bushes, and I didn't see it again.
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Thanks for your persistence in getting this pair of great shots.


Your new home seems to be home to many feathered friends. Really love seeing your "neighbors", Don.


@puzzlecpa, I took these with my Nikon P510 ultrazoom, which I've had now for over 10 years. It's a camera I can carry in a belt pack, and its small sensor allows amazing optics - it zooms from a wide-angle to telephoto range which, in 35mm terms, is focal lengths of 28mm-1000mm.

I also have a P600, which zooms to a magnification of 50% *more* than this, but the P510 is my rat-around camera. I'm still gobsmacked by what it can do - with a camera this small, I easily get pictures which would have been impossible with my pro/am film cameras and multiple lenses in the '70s and '80s, with no film, no developing, and can do my own processing on the computer in Photoshop, primarily to adjust lighting and contrast.


Good photos, Don. Enjoy reading your write ups too. Thanks.

Excellent photography. You must have a really good camera


Nice photos, Don.

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