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Unidentified Spider or maybe not a spider.

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I never saw a spider with a bright red abdomen or whatever segment it is. It is walking on the underside of the hand railing on the deck. It looks upside down because it is upside down.
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He's a pretty little thing for an "assassin".


Yes, it is an assassin bug called a Milkweed Assassin Bug. Thank You All for helping educated me on this insect.


I lean towards the first link of schutkleur.


Assassin bugs are very interesting.


@alias2v is right canoekaw, a spider does have eight legs. This looks like some kind of assassin bug. If it is, it's good to have them in your garden. If I'm not mistaken they prey on little pests :)
I'll give you a few links, so you can decide for yourself :


Unknown to me....but interesting.

Pretty animal.
Since I count six legs and two antennas, it is an insect, not a spider. A spider has eight legs.

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