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For Sam/Sammy

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Honey finally came out of the shade to have her picture taken. The promise of a biscuit usually works. It was 93 degrees today and can't blame her for wanting to sit in the shade. Sam, we hope you get to go swimming today.
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very nice dog :-)


Is she a mini aussie?


Your Honey is a beautiful dog lambchop! And this is a gorgeous photo of her! ☺


Thank you Michelle - I just opened my email and saw the beautiful digital painting you did of Honey. I just love it. I'll be sending you an email. :)


Hi, Lynn! Sent you a couple of em's so you can delete your comments as soon as you get them. ☺M.


Lynn, I have created a digital painting of this photo for you. I'd like your permission to post it on jigidi and would email you the original (5x5 ) copy if you'd like to leave an email address on one of my old puzzles - to be removed as soon as I send the original to you. I sized it square so that you could use it as your avatar, if you wanted. Here's a private link to the puzzle:


Good morning Lambchop! Yes, I did see the scars. Poor dog. Whatever happened to her that first few years?
108? I would go crazy! Coming monday, tuesday and wednesday here it will be 91.4. That's bad enough for me!
Going to the fen now. Talk to you later :))


motherofsleep44 - Oh my 108 - now that is hot. Hope you have a/c. What part of CA are you from?
Stay cool.


Good morning Sam. So sorry you couldn't sleep because of the heat. Honey does have a sweet face and disposition. I don't know if you could see in the picture, she has a scar under her right eye and a small one across her nose. Hope you get a picture of Sam at the fen. He'll be a very happy boy to dip his feet in the cool water. I'd be curious to see if Honey would join in the fun with Sam. She doesn't seem to want to leave our side. Enjoy your day. Love and hugs to Sam.


zzup - Honey, too, prefers to stay inside but only after she goes out. Even dogs love the a/c. I agree, terrible for dogs who live outside - particularly ones in cages. It breaks my heart to think of them. Looks like Sam is going to swimming today :)

We're going to have temps of 108 come the weekend (7/20/13). This is normal summer weather in my part of CA.


Thank you Lambchop!!! I could not sleep because of the heat and found this surprise waiting for me!! Honey has such a lovely sweet face!! Those eyes!! And beautiful shiny coat!! I really hope the heat will break soon and she will feel better again! This afternoon we are going to the fen again. Lots of shade and the cool water. Wish Honey could come too! Give her a big hug from us! Talk to you later. Sleep tight! :))

My dog has the same kind of fur and prefers to stay in the house as much as possible. This heat has been terrible. I feel sorry for all the dogs that have to live outside all day. I hope Sam got to go swimming today. If he did, I envy him!

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