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Heidi and me

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Our dear friend Heidi, this Easter morning at the restaurant where she works. She has her Easter bunny ears on.
If anything happens to me, Heidi will take care of my wife Pat . We don't have any kids and Heidi is like a daughter to us , we love her. She looks after us.
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My sympathy for you Jim on his loss. Just heard about it. Hugs my friend. It is wonderful to have someone to love you like she does and it brings peace of mind for you too. ...Ginger :o))


Thanks Nicky , it was a shock to all of us.


Dill , he's at peace now , God bless him for his service to his country , He paid the ultimate price. Jim


What a great pic, Jim. Sorry to hear about your cousin, Bill.


Jim, i remembered going through photos of them your cousins, the photos were nice made it easier for me to remember even the story behind. Mom told us her brother, a soldier then, had malaria during the death march. He died from the disease not from the bullet of a gun.


Dill ,Yes I go up to the farm he was born on , His older brother still lives on the farm. Bill lived in Toronto, the Indians call it the big smoke. He live there when he was flying for Air Canada. he just stayed there after he retired. He would usually visit his older brother on the farm about once a month. I think I'll post 2 pictures I have of Cousin Bill. Jim


Dill , I'm so sorry that your moms brother had to go thru that , did he survive? We had a guy in the American Legion , Harold, that went thru the death march. he wasn't right , he laughed a lot when no one was even talking. We all paid for what he drank . He would ask some one to call a taxi and he'd go home. He lived alone . He has since died. I can imagine the horror he saw to destroy his mind.
I have all the spring chores to do plus I'm a slow typer. It takes a while to answer the comments, so I just post one puzzle once in a while that's why you don't see me much on jigidi.
Always great hearing from you. Jim

Jim likes to see you this happy next to Heidi. Heidi directly shines like the sun.


Our condolence for your loss he the one you usually go driving to Canada?


One of those was my uncle, the brother of mom! Jim. You seldom visit Jigidi now a days...


Thanks Dilubreuer, Hope all is well with you and family. I loved that picture of Bataan . So beautiful now . Not long ago there was a lot of death there. I think of the Bataan death march.Jim


Hi Floyd , she is a great friend and easy for these old eyes to look at too.
After the shock , I know Bill is in a better place now. you take care also . Jim


Hi Jana, Thank you for your condolences, you're right about enjoying life while you're here. We were shocked when we heard , he has an older brother who is 83 that was just in the hospital , they thought he had a heart attack shoveling snow. When I got a call from his daughter I thought something happened to my cousin John , we were shocked it was Bill. Being he was an airline pilot he had to be checked every 6 months , he maintained his weight and ate all the right things. It just goes to show you can be the healthiest person in the graveyard.
Thank you Jana, I did enjoy the video , it is so flat here I would need a motor on it. If we had some mountains here there'd be a lot of updrafts and gliding would be great. Jim.


Hi Rosie , its so great to hear from you , I was so concerned as you just dropped off the grid. Sorry to hear about your back surgery, my wife Pat has back problems . She sees a chiropractor once a week ,it seems to help a bit.
We are very lucky to have Heidi in our lives, she is very special. Everybody who knows her loves her.
I know how you feel depending on others but its the best till you heal. I'm very independent myself
We have a friend on the next street with the same kind of doggie as yours , his name is Brewster and is very loving.
Dear Rosie I'll talk to you tomorrow . Don't over do it try and get plenty of rest , Hope you had a great Easter yourself. Jim.


Dear Kat, hope all is well with you and your furry friends . Spring is here and none to soon. We were getting stir crazy with cabin fever. The best to you dear Kat. Mr. Mittens.


Hi Janet, Yes , she is very special to us, we will be celebrating Easter at Heidi's brothers house Tuesday on account of her work schedule. He son is down in West Virginia visiting his grandmother for spring break . I'll go with Heidi to pick him up. The grand folks will drive him half way back, we will drive half way there ourselves. It will be an 8 hour round trip instead of a 16 hour round trip if we went all the way to West Virginia to pick him up.
That is amazing the computer acted like that. the thing has a mind of its own. Good thing Peter is computer savvy and fixed it.
Cousin Bill had a great life , started out with humble beginnings and ended up as an airline pilot. He saw the world and had a great income. He died in his sleep .
Hope your enjoying Peter and Vicki in sunny California. Hugs dear friend , Jim.


Dear Florrie, you are so wise and have a great way with words. We were blessed to have Heidi and her son come into our lives. This girl has had many tragedies in her young life. A lesser person would have given up. I'm trying to be a mentor to her son who just turned 18. She did a great job as a single mother raising him , he is a real good polite kid. Not only have I gained a daughter , I have a grand son now. Being we never had any kids of our own this is a new experience for us. Kind of scary at times , I seem to worry a lot with my new responsibility. I will heed your words dear Florrie, and do as you suggest as we are here on earth for only a brief time. Jim.


Aarons dad, Nice to hear from you , hope all your snow is gone.


here is the link :


Happy Easter Jim for you and your loved ones.
I am very sorry for your loss. We all have to enjoy life while it lasts.
None of us knows whether there will be tomorrow.
I send link - an amazing new toy. I think you'd be interested. Caress please Timmy from me. Hugs my friend, have a nice day ☻


Hi, Jim---I've missed you. I've been off Jigidi for a long time but am finally back and trying to catch up with my friends here. I'm sorry to hear about your loss but glad to see you and Pat have such a dear friend like Heidi. I hope you've been well and enjoying life. I ended up having emergency back surgery last Oct. and have been down and recuperating all this time. I am still in a back brace and restricted from lots of things----like driving and walking my poor puppy---and having to rely on others for so many things. I hate being dependent but know that it's better to rely on others for the time being and get healthy again than not being able to ever walk again. Well, I've been on the computer for longer than I should have been and need to get some rest again. Will be back tomorrow and hope to see you again then. Hope you had a happy and warm Easter. Hugs, Rosie.


Easter blessings to you, Jim! I hope all is well with Pat & Timmy, too! :)


HAPPY EASTER TO YOU, wife and Heidi, Jim!


Looks like Heidi is a GREAT friend.
We never now when our time will come,
but it is SAD to loss someone close to you.
You and Pat take CARE and enjoy life.
Thank you for the message and
HAPPY EASTER to you and family.


Hi Jim, great to see you there with Heidi, I know she is special to you and Pat.
We have sorted the computer problems, we didn't realise it would close down because we took it away from home! I have emailed you.

That is sad about your cousin. It sounds like he had a great life, but I know you will miss him. Many hugs dear friend.


Happy Easter fro N. Michigan Jim great picture and thanks for sharing


Missed you too. Seems like I'm getting so busy cleaning up the yard from the rough winter I've been kind of slow on jigidi.
I did get some bad news yesterday , my cousin who retired as a Captain from Air Canada died in his sleep yesterday . He was 79. He took great care of himself all these years maintain his weight, not eating salt, Ect. He had to get physicals every 6 months as a pilot. It just goes to show you can do all the right things and end up being the healthiest person in the grave yard. We will miss him. Jim


Thanks Cookie and the same to you and your family. I see you have your ears and whiskers on too.


Happy Easter to you jetmech, your wife and Heidi too :-)

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