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Olio - The Judgement of Paris (2013)

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I do not know the proper name of this artist, however, the artist blogs under the name, Olio.

I really enjoy this version of "The Judgement of Paris". It works because it captures a raw emotional content even though it is a relatively simple illustration. Most works have focused largely on the moods of the goddesses, but not so much Paris. Furthermore Eris is almost never depicted, nevermind showing her twisted pleasure at all the discord she is causing.

The artists website is and it is full of interesting comments and details about this myth and the extensive symbology used by the Greeks. It also records the creative process of developing the artwork.

If anyone knows the artist's actual name, please let me know in the comments. This artist deserves proper attribution and recognition of their abilities.
BTW, This is the last "The Judgement of Paris" artwork that I intend to post. While there are many more fine examples from a galaxy of artists, I have presented a diverse collection that captures the broad appeal of the myth and a variety of artistic styles.

Thanks for taking the time to enjoy the puzzles.
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I second the comment by javasage. Thank you.


I have learned so much from your comments, wermet! I really have enjoyed the variety of your selections! Thanks for the jigs and the education! ;-)))

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