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THE sunflower of the day

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From Facebook page - Mama Did Not Raise No Fool
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  1. Peninsula3:22
  2. mon1233:27
  3. aximum3:40
  4. jub3:41
  5. alli11283:41
  6. Fruitgum3:59
  7. snowbunnywi3:59
  8. 7mate4:03
  9. tclegs4:23
  10. zsy4:27


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Very nice picture ☺ ☺


Oh. It was just sore from the flu shot. It was only sore for a day. Thanks for your concern. ❤️


Loved this one. Reminds me of a road trip thru Michigan a few yrs back. Apparently, sunflowers are a big crop there. Miles and miles of sunny yellow in gray Michigan. It was lovely, as is this photo puzzle. Missed the sore arm thing with you, hope it's nothing too serious...Rayna


Hi Cyndi. It will cool down here, too, for the weekend. The humidity today is only 30%. It hardly ever goes down that low. The wind is blowing and it's so nice out today. My arm was sore yesterday but not much at all today. Love you and big hugs back! ;-D


Finally our temperature has cooled off and very low humidity. A very nice break from what we were having. Supposed to be down in the mid 30's Sunday morning. Burr! Hopefully both of your arms aren't so sore in a day or two. Love you my friend......Big hugs coming to you.


Hello, my friend. I am glad it put a smile on your face. I love this one. It is still hot here and very humid but it is supposed to be cooler by the weekend, thank goodness! I had my flu shot today and my arm is so sore! John had his last week and his was sore for a couple of days. I will be on here for a little while. Love ya bunches. ;-D


Love this one Sharon. It put a big smile on my face this dreary cool day. Have always loved the smiling face of the sunflower and also the pansy. Hope you are having a wonderful day. Cooler temps with rain today. Hugs my friend.

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