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International Cat Show 2022

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More than 50 cats will be parading their spring coats at Smart City in Kalkara this weekend under the watchful eyes of three international judges.

The recently set up Cat World Club Malta, which is affiliated with the World Organisation of Cats, is organising its second international cat show on April 23 and 24 at the Laguna Hall between 10am and 5pm.

Visitors will get the chance to admire and learn about the beautiful and different breeds on show, from British shorthairs to Exotics, Maine Coons, Persians, the rare Neva Masquerade, Ragdolls, Scottish Folds, and many more.

The cats will be competing for a number of different titles, as well as get the chance to accumulate points for Malta’s top cat, through the TopCat International Rating System which unites participants from countries around the world.

The club is focused on promoting knowledge, education and interest of feline breeds and domesticated cats among owners and the public.
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I have no idea Janet, as I said I'm no expert - one of the reasons I go is to learn more about them! Plus the odd nice photo :-) I do know that there were a few new breeds at the show this year.... so maybe it's one of the new breeds? Hugs x


How cute, is he a Lop? I missed these. Thanks and hugs Allie. ♥♥


lol Dave - behave :-)))
Yes Beth - it really is a beauty - no idea what breed it is. Would normally have gone to the show but can't make it today! Hopefully next year :-)


Oh no! Where are its ears?

What a beauty!

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