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Triangles Put in Perspective

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This design was a first for me, and I enjoyed making it. Hope you have fun with it. Let's celebrate no attacks on Saturday but keep praying for innocent victims worldwide. Hugs and smiles to all.
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Hi Judy:
Thank you for taking the time to answer my comment. Sometimes, I ramble and there are those who don't like it.
Thanks for sharing the information about "doodling". I had not thought of checking it out. I will do that soon. By-the-way, my name is Jerri. I live in California and am an inplant to the area. Have lived here for 26 years but am originally from a town called Gig Harbor, Washington. It's a lovely fishing villiage. The word Gig is I believe a Russian word for fishing vessal. That's what I was taught as I grew up.
I understand that creating the puzzles is a lot different and more demanding on one's mind than solving them. Have always enjoyed doing puzzles. My husband was from North Dakota and when they had a lot of snow in the winter they did a lot of puzzles so when I came into his life it was natural that I would do them also and of coarse I got hooked. (don't we all?!!!)
thanks again for what your doing. I love them. Even have toyed with the idea of getting a larger monitor so I can do larger ones.


72broncolady, Wow, I'm amazed you liked doing that. Have you seen any YouTube videos on "doodling"? One couple trademarked the name "Zentangle," and it's a fancy way to doodle. They have all these patterns people use to fill in shapes they've made. I like many other shapes, but triangles are the best for me, and it sounds like your favorite. People do find coloring and doodling very relaxing, and they sometimes wind up with beautiful art. I think your story is great--the fact that it started so long ago, and you knew then how relaxing it was. I love making puzzles, but there's more work than relaxing in the creating. The solving relaxes me. I just want to satisfy my artistic desire to make something I can share and then enjoy other people's work/creativity. I am so glad to meet you and hope to hear from you again. You can call me Judy if you like. Have a great time coloring and solving puzzles.

I am enjoying doing your puzzles more than you can know. It has brought back memories of when I was in the 5th grade and Mrs. Blackwood would give us a "rest" period right after lunch. We would/could put our heads down or draw or do something that kept us quiet and relaxed. She read the complete series of "Little House on the Parie" I would get out my ruler and draw lines and they were usually diamonds or triangles, then I would get out my colors and color them in. Such memories. I still to this day, when I'm wanting to calm myself down , will sit and draw triangles and color them in with colored pencils. I've done colorbooks for years, and years, long before this fad of "adult coloring". Thank you for your keen eye for color and your graphics. I enjoy your puzzles very much.


Shirley, it was fun trying to create a pattern for this, and I'm glad you had fun with the solve. Hope you are doing well.! Many hugs and smiles.


I sure did enjoy the solve, Judy, Thank you so much. :))) ♥


Sharon, thanks so much. I'm glad you really liked it and hope you have a great day.

Really liked this one Thanks : )))

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