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Fog in the cemetery

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Taken September 17, 2022
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It does make it look sadder.


:-), Jillian.
That's probably the only time I don't like fog -- driving in it. My dad had a really scary experience when I was a girl. He couldn't even see the front of the hood of the car and was driving with the window open and his head out of the window. Suddenly he felt that he needed to STOP, so he did and got out, feeling his way with his toe. He discovered that he had made a wrong turn and was right on the edge of a deep river! It was the Lord that saved him.


Fog can be so scary, at least when you have to drive in it but it makes up for beautiful photos, too! Thanks, Li!


Yes I think you are right Li


I wonder if it's because things can hide, so to speak, in fog. Our vision is obscured, so there's an element of uncertainty and insecurity in fog. Thanks, Jillian.


Oh my that sure gives it an eerie feel. Thanks Li


Amen, GG. That certainly is not our final resting place.


Thanks for this sobering photo, Li. I'm so thankful for the Truth of God's Word! ☺

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