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48 pieces
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Art class:
made w/ wall paper, poster sheet, colored markers, plastic gem stones
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  1. dogs_n_me1:54
  2. Samson91912:30
  3. Sallyg20032:36
  4. Ianto2:52
  5. WeeV3:09
  6. bjondron6:55
  7. Lusacarpia17:04


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Just High School Ed, but in the childcare development training was very intense and I loved that, 120hr of training (I did) I learn more cause I was actually working with the kids everyday. I value all people that I've meet here as well. Blessed by each and everyone of you! I love learning and growing and everyone treats me the same...a friend


You were an AMAZING teacher! I’m sure! The kind that children take with them, in their hearts. . . for Life!✨


One year...Egypt theme from odds & ends.

I'd go to the library and get books on my yearly themes for kids to come up with projects. Space, Medieval, Robots, etc.


@TIGERKAT: I made this out of odds & ends, Summer enrichment classes for the kids I planned one summer...Egyptian theme. Something I'm interested in.

In the mind of a writer, a story begins. They love what they write, enjoying taking their readers along with them on a journey. Through their characters they breathe life, filled with thoughts and emotions!



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