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Juvenile robin

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I have seen this cheeky chap for a few days now. His distinctive red chest won't appear until late summer, and by then I expect his territorial parents will see him off their patch.
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No Jan, and they are a lot smaller too, though a lot more feisty! ☺


Your baby robins are similar to our (US) baby Robins. Our Robins are Thrushes, Lorna, are yours?


Thanks Tea. This one is developing all the adult robin traits! ☺

he certainly is Pat, thanks. ☺

Thanks WhiskersNfeathers! ☺

Thank you Jill! ☺


He is both cheeky and cute, nice shot Lorna. Thank you


No need for apology. They look quite different when they are chicks from your lovely Robin. Though I think all chicks are lovely. Thank you!


He's a cutie !!


I love Robins too!
It’s fun to see what your British baby birds look like😃
Thank you for sharing your photos, a great puzzle . .


Smiles back Patti! ☺☺☺

I should have learned my lesson - I have caused the same confusion over the birds of the same name but different appearance each side of the pond!


My apologies - I should have clarified that this is a European robin! They are very different to the American version!


Maybe is the colors of the photo but the breast of Robin chicks is noticeably spotted and quite black spots. Could it be another bird? This one has the colors of a Brown Thrasher, both are thrushes.




Thanks Patti. Robins are my favourite birds and I was so pleased to see they had successfully reared at least one fully fledged youngster. I'm not sure where they nested but it wasn't in my garden.☺


Wow, so cool to see a young one! Thanks Lorna!

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