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MadCatz Cyborg R.A.T. 7 albino mouse

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25 pieces
39 solves
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A new mouse for my computer. It goes quite nicely with my white Matias Tactile Pro keyboard.

I'm still playing with the palm rest adjustment.
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  1. Dclo0:44
  2. Ianto0:57
  3. racoonstar1:00
  4. rahas1:06
  5. arthurleach1:15
  6. MaryOz20221:17
  7. alias2v1:18
  8. pigjawsuzzle1:23
  9. laskadog11:26
  10. joker221:37


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Thank u Racoon


Thank you for the reply racoon, very kind of you to ease my fear.
I will not bother you again, but I do hope your time to yourself will be brief.


@nanab - please rest assure that it wasn't your comments that led me to my decision. I'll eventually 'get over it' and start commenting again, but right now I need to keep to myself for awhile. :)


I certainly hope I haven't caused you to come to that decision. I have a feeling that my comment may have been the straw that broke the camels back and I am deeply saddened for that.
Your comments are entertaining to a large number of people and I'm sure they will be missed. Is there anything that I can say to get you to reconsider?


@nanab - thank you for taking time to ask. I am still solving puzzles, including those who I have followed in the past, I'm just limiting my comments and avoiding engaging in any conversations.


Are you seriously not going to Bonnie's puzzle today? Why upset her because you are upset with me.
I am VERY sorry that "Oh pooh pooh" angered you so much, and I will stay away so you can play. Bonnie


I've been a gamer since before the original Ultima game was released by Lord British, aka Richard Garriott.


I miss my Mac. I saw the RAT 7 on sale at amazon for $44.00.
Thanks for the links, didn't know you were a 'gamer'- my son-in-law is an addict. LOL


The model 7 is no longer available, but here's a review from a few years ago:

And here's a link to the Matias keyboard:


Good heavens, I can't believe you would share this without a link to more info.
I'm intrigued!

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