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We have a pair of Grosbeaks that visited our feeder. Here is hoping they find a nice home near by.
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This is a bird I'd love to see and hear. I wasn't aware of its pretty song.
I have just now finished my second cataract surgery and all went well. It's amazing how bright things are now and how white is white. I wish good results to all who need this surgery. Thanks.


No problem I have trouble with names myself. That is why I just call you Pumpkin. It was a term of endearment in our family.


Marilyn!!!! I apologize for the wrong name!!! Geesh!!!


Thank You PLG1958, It was a surprise to see them.


Fabulous photo!


Am glad to hear another side of the story, Marlyn. As sorry it was so tough on you. My besest to your husband with his surgury.


Well Toto, I am one of those that surgery does not go so well. My eyes hurt so bad for two months. I am glad I had it done but it was not easy for me. I had carpal tunnel surgery well .... I had a fat pad over the area that had to be removed. The palm of my hand was as hard as a rock for months very slowly softening up. My dear husband had no problem with his so I hope it is the same for his cataract surgery.


Hopefully, the surgury goes well. I've heard nothing but good things from people (including my own husband) who have had the surgery. It will be wonderful for your husband to be able to see well again.


Hi Toto, We have not spent much time on our deck due to the monsoon season in Kansas. The Grosbeaks seemed to really like our sunflower seeds. The two of them looked so cute sitting together on a small branch. I could not get their photo because I was trying to help my husband see them on the branch......So today the optometrist said it is time for cataract surgery. That explains so much.


Their song will make a lovely addition to the chorus if they decide to stay.


That is what I am hoping Pumkin. Thanks, Ginni we thought they were cute.


Yeah for you, Joanne! If they are wise, they will settle in and call your neighborhood "home".


What a cutie! We don't have this one, and it has been years since I saw any of the grosbeaks we do have.

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