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Still cruising...Yorkey's Knob, Cairns.

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18 of us went ashore & met up with 6 others for lunch at the Yorkey's Knob Boat Club & Marina.
It was hot & humid, but a few coldies fixed that!!!

The Peewee bird visited the tables looking for crumbs & then 'retired' to his $1.000.000 boat in the Marina, while we retired to our much bigger boat!!!
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that bird is known as the piping shrike here in S.A. or the Murray magpie


There were heaps of them too Beekay - worth a fortune no doubt!!!

He was really cute & had a loud call- that's why I noticed him Laura - and he was right at home on 'his' boat :)))) Thanks!!


Oh Robyn, this is a really nice looking bird. We don;t have these here in Illinois.


I would be content with a $1,ooo,ooo. boat in the marina too ;-)))


Thanks Janet - the Peewee was just too cute to ignore!! Yorkey's Knob was in the news today - someone wants to build a mega-resort there & incorporate a cyclone shelter in the design!!! I bet the locals will grumble about that!!

Thanks Ank :)))

Ha! We copped the westerlies on Sunday too Shirley when we came home - and we're sure feeling them!!!! Thanks!!

Thanks Florrie, Morris, Patti, snooker, Ami ( me too, he was cute & talkative!), Dave ( there was enough to keep him happy!), Cathy ( a man from Yorkshire settled here first!!!), and Suzy - LOL!! Too true!!!! Thanks all for your great comments!!


What a great collage, Rob! Your peewee bird's owner is probably still paying for his "boat", while you enjoyed one much bigger, with no " mortgage"!


Wonderful pictures Rob!!! Thank you.
So many Australian names make me smile ... Yorkey's Knob ... and Peewee bird. : )))))


Sharp looking bird. Hope you abliged him a crumb!


Love the photos! I really like the looks of the bird, it's pretty!

Excellent! Love the photo of the ship framed among the trees.


I love the pictures! Thank you Robyn!


Well said, florrie! I am enjoying the trip, Rob!


Rob, while you were hot and humid, having a coldie, we were shivering and having a hot drink :))) glad you enjoyed your time on the bigger boat :))) the bird life seems to follow you.


Beautiful photos Rob. And the info gave me a big smile☺


Beautiful pics, Rob, a bit different to when we saw it over 30 years ago! LOL. Like the peewee.
Thanks and hugs, janet


Thanks Jan - I'm pleased you liked them!

Thanks Jana - we had a great time !!!

Thanks Nev - I really like collages - you can show more photos that way :)))))


Lovely collage, thanks a lot Rob ☺☺☺


Lovely, clear pics, Rob!

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