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Sophie and Ferdy wondering...

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... if it's warm enough to stay out for a while...
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  1. racoonstar1:37
  2. Syke1:38
  3. Erzulis1:46
  4. caroshop1:48
  5. NinaR1:50
  6. Impie1:55
  7. dianajnelson1:57
  8. sweetlu2:11
  9. hartlova2:19
  10. beyondwords2:24


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A nice memory when the two were together.


Hi, you two gorgeous kitties, It has been a while since I saw you but you both still look as sweet as ever. ☺♥☺♥


It was a bit on the cool side today wasn't it? Tisket ventured out only briefly but tried to see how much of the garden she could bring in in her paws, claws, and between her toes, bless her :-))


It's beautiful, Kayell. Such a shame when you're attached to it and it dies on you....My Ceanothus got frozen to death last year and I had to remove never had such big blooms like yours!

Fingers crossed for better and warmer weather for F&S. I'm also getting fed up with the weather we have lately!


Yes it is, Impie. I bought it when my lovely Ceanothus tree (which appeared on here) died a couple of years ago. This year is the best it's been.

F&S didn't stay out for too long - sunny but cold - I think they're making plans for warmer days though!


Great to see you both again, Sophie and Ferdy.....isn't it good to be able to sit in your garden again? ♥☺♥

Thanks for this lovely photo of your kiddos, Kayell. I like the beautiful plant in the left very much, is that a Ceanothus?


Hello Sophie and Ferdy! Looks like they're thinking really hard about it! Sweet photo. :-))

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