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1931 Bugatti Type 41 Royal.

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Only 6 were made. Jay Leno owns one and his is drivable.
At the Henry Ford Museum Dearborn Michigan.
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Ettore Bugatti built race cars, and always won. Every race was won by Bugatti, so the others were just racing for second place. Now the story goes, that Mercedes Benz was heard by Bugatti as saying that, Bugatti could build race cars, but couldn't build a classy car. So Ettore set out to build the Bugatti Royale's. He knew that they would be too expensive for regular people so he planned on only making them for Kings. His engine was so large that it took a truck chassis to hold it. The chassis and drive train was priced at $15,000. and the body on top of that was priced at another $30,000. That made a total of $45,000. for a Bugatti Royale in 1930. When Ford Model A's were going for $300 to $500. Think about it. It would have been the price of about 100 Fords.
Also..... Henry Ford's son, Edsel Ford, drove around Detroit in a Bugatti race car like Jay Leno's. I'll bet he really got under Henry's skin. Rich son of rich dad. You know that Henry Ford was the first Billionaire in the USA. And he was such a tight wad.. ha ha.

Jim, it's beautiful, thank you! It looks like new, as if he had just left the production line.


Hi dear friend, I must show Julian these. He likes old cars. Looks pretty amazing to me too. Thanks and hugs Jim, Janet


Ginger, Its an inline 8 cylinder, overhead cam, 779 cubic inche, 300 horse power engine. That's all I know about it.
Hugs , Jim


Don't know much about engines Jim but sure does look fancy. :O))

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