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Find the Cat?

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Found this in my Google feed from The Indian Express and it struck me as a wonderfully gnarly puzzle possibility. Yes, there is a cat in here. Somewhere...

Photo by Kate Hinds, a New York based journalist who posts "find the cat" puzzles for her followers.

PLEASE don't reveal the answer so that others may enjoy the challenge!
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Welcome to Jigidi, tifosi, and I'm glad to have helped. I'm also happy that you found that and moved on in peace.

Thank you sincerely for the spoiler alert. If I hadn't given up and looked at the alert, I'd be worrying about it for days, would end up putting together the puzzle again, and possibly still not found it. Now I can get on to life.


Congrats, stunned! Glad you enjoyed it so.

Thanks Larry for the fun post and great puzzle. Took me a bit but I found the cat.


Nature abhors a vacuum, eh?




Brings to mind the phrase "Build it and they will come" :D
I'm afraid my house has shelves that I just can't stop filling up ... books, vases, plants, cards, photos, speakers , ornaments, fossils etc :) We also have a cat sculpture to remind us of the one we had for 20 years, but sadly is no more.


I was wrong with my "pretty sure" solution. It wasn't the first time, nor the last.


Found the lil stinker... now, if only i could find things this easily at home... aha! i'll take a picture of the chaos, make a puzzle, and get you all to help me out! (on second thought, no... someone would call in the Kondo brigade on me)


Yup. The proverbial cat. Best spot.


I solved the puzzle. 33:03 Blew it up and looked and looked; never saw a cat. If I don't see something that must be clearly in front of my face, maybe that's why I'm so slow putting puzzles together.

I finally cheated and see where the cat supposedly is, but I'm not sure a cat could fit there, so maybe I don't really see it. :-/


I don't see the connection, Gayle. You couldn't see the cat in this picture without the ability to view it at a larger (solved) size.


It took me so long to solve the puzzle that the cat took a hike. :-/

Maybe the fact that I don't "see" the cat is the reason it always takes me forever to solve jigsaw puzzles. :-/

Yup, right where I thought kitty was.

Found him/her. Pretty tricky these kitty's are. Thanks for posting this one it was fun!!!


Yup, found it. Thanks for the fun and gnarly puzzle, Andy!


I don't have to check the link. After that lead-in, I'm sure and I'll bet Velma is too. :-)


For those of you who are 'pretty sure' you found it or just want to check to be sure, here's a link that may give you 'paws' about your thoughts:


Yes Marilee, just what you'd expect! Thanks all for stopping by!!


I found it too. How like a cat.


I'm with you Pat...pretty sure I found it.


Saw it too. Couldn’t find her! Had to look up the solution.!


Pretty sure I found it. What's really going to take some time is getting accustomed to this new monitor and mouse which drags pieces very differently from my last one. How appropriate it should be a mouse creating the difficulty. :-)


I found him/her!

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