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Impatiens at Tamborine Mountain.

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These also came in bright, vivid orange & fire engine red colours! They are about 2" across.
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That's good to hear Barb - yes they prefer the shade don't they!! Thanks!!


Even I can grow impatiens in my desert, Rob :) As long as they are in the shade :) These are really beautiful in different colors :)


I'm pleased you liked them Jana - thanks!!!!


Thank you so much Rob, these are wonderful. I do not have the orange ones. I wish you a beautiful day, hugs :-)))


That's for sure Shirley - it's a wonderful place for plants - thanks!!!

I agree Patti - thanks!!

Thanks Floyd!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Suzy :)))

Yep - they were biggies Laura - the high mountain climate gets plenty of rain & most plants thrive here!! Thanks!!


Two inches across? Wow, that is huge! They are so pretty, Robyn.


Pretty, pretty and pretty!


Impatiens are great flowers to have.
Thanks rob.




Beautiful colours and healthy plants, then most things are, up the mountain, Thanks, Rob.


I've never seen so many different colours in one place before Janet - they were lovely!! And...I'm pleased yours survived!!! Thanks!!


Rob, they are lovely. The climate up there would be perfect for them. Very pretty. I was hosing mine this morning and can't believe they have survived the terrible heat and the terrible water! hugs, janet


They're so pretty Nev - lucky you & Marge!!!! These were very healthy - the mountain air seems to suit them well!! Thanks!!!


Oops! Sorry about that Beekay - but I took so many photos of them that this was the easiest way of showing the colour range:))) Thanks!!


LOL, I must say the shape of this puzzle threw me ;-)
Impatience are such a great flower in the garden. It blooms and blooms profusely and requires very little upkeep.

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