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Close Up of Night Blooming Cereus Bloom From Front

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For several years I occasionally drove by this rather ugly, scrawny cactus in our neighborhood and wondered why the owners kept it. Then one morning I saw it full of beautiful large blooms. I thought I'd stop and get pictures of it on the way home. But--the blooms had all dropped off by then! Two mornings later I drove by again and there were a few new blossoms. I took this photo. I looked it up and found it was a variety of Night Blooming Cereus. The blooms open during the night and are done by afternoon. By the end of the week the cactus was finished blooming. The blooms were very large and gorgeous while they lasted.
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Certainly yes ☺


Thank you, @irmachac I look forward so much to seeing these each Spring.


A beautiful cactus flower and a nice photo!


Thanks. I will keep that in mind.


Beautiful! I love those red petals at the back - makes it look even better! When you drive by look out for the buds - they appear a good 3 days before... :-)


Wow I never thought they were that big ! Shame they wither so quickly..


@Andie2a1383 These are very large flowers, 8 or 9 inches across. And the coloring is so delicate. It is truly a spectacular sight when many blooms are out at once.


Sounds very difficult to catch its blooming time Sharon but what a beautiful flower and to think that it doesn't need any sunshine to bloom but that it happens during the night !!! Amazing.Thank you.


@MarinaNephele Thanks for your comment. Actually, the photos in these two puzzles were taken on June 4 2021, but I hadn't gotten them into my computer until recently. This spring I have watched for this cactus to bloom for weeks and nothing! I gave up. Yesterday I drove by and saw several dead blooms on the ground and two quite wilted blooms on the cactus. Only two! and they were already drying up! Now I have to wait another year. But I'm going to put in my calendar to start looking at end of May into June. I guess I started looking too soon and gave up too soon this year.


It was worth waiting to see this fantastic flower. It takes some years for some cactuses to blossom but when they do, it is so rewarding. Thanks for taking the photo and sharing it with us.


@Nicepeach2 One almost has to check daily for these blooms. This cactus is a bit out of my regular driving pattern though it is just around the corner from me, about a block away only. In 14 years of living here, I've only caught it in bloom two different years. It's like they are teasing us. 😉


My mother had several when I was a child and one night there were 40 blooms, the beauty and smell is incredible, I have had one for years, but it does not like me, I guess. It bloomed several times, and saw the buds and thought I had another day, wrong! Never saw it bloom. 🥺


that must have been lovely, @onefootonepeel

when i lived in Miami,fl. my landlady had them in her trees. you never knew they were, because you couldn't see them. but when they bloomed, they put out the most heavenly scent. then you knew were blooming!


@PLG1958 Thanks for the hearty laugh! And thank you @oldandancient and @JillianB for your comments.


An absolutely glorious bloom even if short lived. Thanks Sharon


I'll bet when you saw the blooms had dropped off you exclaimed, "You've got to be kidding!" But then your research showed it was "cereus." :) :)

Thank you Sharon. It's beautiful!

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