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And sew it goes!

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  1. kathy555:36
  2. zigsma5:42
  3. Mimie5:57
  4. Besty5:59
  5. annefar6:06
  6. elemmo11116:10
  7. bigoldbadger6:14
  8. deborah586:21
  9. Cookybook6:22
  10. ebalin6:33


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I know what you mean, ruthellen. No more zippers for me - what a pain!! I make curtains or placemats or pillow shams - pretty much straight lines without too much thought needed! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Thank you for this enjoyable puzzle. I used to sew a lot. Not so much now.


I'm glad you liked it, dize5.


Wow, quartina - I'm impressed. You are sewing Christmas cards. How very cool. I'm sure your recipients are just thrilled to receive them. Sew on, friend!


I know how that goes, Cathy. Life sometimes interferes with my Jigidi time! Thanks so much for stopping by. XO


Thanks, Sandy. My mom taught home ec (as it was then called) so learning to sew was a given in my house! And I've certainly used that knowledge through my lifetime. Let me know if you actually get your machine out!! LOL


Isn't that so true, generic_bear2? I just hate it when the bobbin runs out, especially if I'm almost done with whatever the project is. Sometimes I just finish it off with a different color! Lazy bones that I am.


Thanks so much, sara34358.


A great puzzle


Fun! How did you know I've been sewing all day making Christmas cards?


Loved it! Of course I took my time...over eighteen minutes. Sometimes I leave the computer to let the dogs out, etc. and the timer keeps going. I don't care. I do these for relaxation. Thanks lady :)

Wonderful puzzle! You have captured every aspect of the home seamstress . Every tool, machine, device, fabric , accessory and more are here. Makes me want to dig out the machine and stuff. Thanks. Sandy


WOW! I've bookmarked this one :)

That patch that says "It's all fun and games until the bobbin runs out" is exactly correct, unless the spool runs out! LOL Thanks Capn' that was fun and very pretty!!


Very cute!!

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