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Black-crowned Night Heron, Lake San Marcos, San Marcos, California

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Glad you like it, Wendy. I'm especially happy that the red eyes showed!

Sweet! Love the clarity.


I used to make puzzles as soon as I took the photos so they would be waiting for me to post them, Don. Jigidi used to show me the created date, but it doesn't do that any more. This was taken about six weeks ago, maybe more, I'm not sure. According to All About Birds, "Black-crowned Night-Herons are opportunists feeders that eat many kinds of terrestrial, freshwater, and marine animals. Their diet includes leeches, earthworms, insects, crayfish, clams, mussels, fish, amphibians, lizards, snakes, turtles, rodents, birds, and eggs. They also eat carrion, plant materials, and garbage from landfills." It doesn't mention berries, but maybe they do eat them. He had just flown in to this tree where black-crowns and snowy egrets were building nests, so I assumed the twig was for the nest. It didn't look like there were any chicks yet.


Most birds will eat berries if they're available. I wondered if that was food for young nestlings...? It seems a little late to still be building a nest down in your area, and that doesn't look like much of an addition to a heron's nest.


You're welcome, Jacki! I am behind with lots of things, but a bit of packing has gotten started!


Great shot, Ginni. (I'm a little behind today). Thanks.


Glad you like it, Ed!


I've never seen them eat berries, Ardy. I think he just grabbed that twig for nesting material.


Wow -- That is a razor-sharp photo. Thanks, Ginni!!


Does he like berries? I see he has some in his beak. Wonderful photo, Ginni. Thank you.

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