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Cat shaming series

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Thanks YO, I try.--------------------Molly

You are batting 1000 tonight, Molly. :)

People food for people, cat food for cats.-------------Molly


Very true youngone.............Wendy

Gods have nothing to be ashamed of, Wendy. LOL


And not one of these cats even look ashamed of themselves!!! ............Wendy


Understood, YO. But still..... I had a friend in Thunder Bay, Ontario who earned $18.00/hour as a grocery store clerk years ago, and yes, everything is more expensive there, but still.....

Wow! Didn't know our dollar is down so much right now, I have so many friends and family travelling, didn't know they were all so rich...and I do believe that if people are willing to pay for anything, always can be charged a little more and then the price just keeps going up.

I talked to my friend about her cat's two teeth and spending so much money on maybe something might happen, but not for sure...she just couldn't not see spending the $1500, and again that was $1000 less than the other vet. My fear was always what an initial exam would lead to, I loved those two little beings mightily, but just not able to handle that kind of expense that seems to know no end.

PD, you have to remember that Sherry is in Canada and the Canadian dollar at present is worth about 25% less than the US dollar so that accounts for some of the extra cost. Also, the cost of living in Canada is a lot higher than here.


$250.00 for an initial exam, Sherry!!!???????? I hate your Vet and don't even know them. Is there NO mercy for people and the animals they need???


These are truly horror stories. Reminds me again to be so grateful for my angel of a vet, and for the $2 license fee for seniors. Thank God, otherwise I couldn't afford my Shadow. I realize every day a new way that God takes care of me (and Shadow Kitty, too)


We have had lots cats for 53 years, always fed on pet food only. Vaccination here is usually $120.00 each year plus whatever else needed☺☺


In the wild, canines and felines eat their entire prey... including their stomach contents, which include fruits, grains and veggies. So they require a bit of those things for a properly balanced diet.

three different vets..what the market bears, unfortunately, and mine would have been the same. My son and I had to have a conversation and realized that if something went really wrong, we would have to say goodbye to them... initial visit would be $250.00 for exam and then whatever added...I'm going to look at insurance for the new babies...just not ffinancially able to do it...Sherry


GOOD GRIEF, SHERRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! That Vet is a pirate!!!!!!!!!!!

10 years ago my cats' brother had to have front leg amputated, and that cost $1500.00...I was appalled, and the tooth problem was last month...$1500.00 was the cheap vet, the other one was $ is have a kind vet...


A cat I adopted from the shelter had 4 teeth. She was elderly and had health issues. After the vet did the first round of hospital care, she told me she'd pulled 2 of the teeth but she charged only $5 each for that as she literally just slid them out with her fingers. Murphy lived happily for quite some time.


Oh wow - you live in an expensive area!! It costs about $60 for the exam/license/shot - probably $25 is the county. So for a healthy cat with no issues it would be about $60/year. The county uses much of the license fee to operate the shelter. It cost a bit over $800 to have my amputee's paw amputated from the shoulder, and that included the license and shot as she'd been a stray "neighborhood" cat. My vet gives me a bit of a break on the big stuff. One of my neighbors that also fed her paid half. ❤ If a tooth extraction, a much simpler undertaking, was that much....we likely would have chosen the other option. :(

Wow, I am so sorry...if I had to do that, I wouldn't be able to afford any pets...just a nothing visit is $250.00 to start...everyone I have spoken to recently has talked about $1500.00 bills, and one was for a tooth's ridiculous...


You are lucky, Sherry - healthy cats! Our county requires yearly licenses and rabies shots (indoor cats included), so that's 3 visits a year for me. You can get a 3 year license, but still need the shot. My sick one can't get the shot due to his compromised health, but he still needs the license. If you find a cat or get it from a person and never take it to the vet, and could deal with an un-neutered cat, I guess someone could get away without it.

can't pick one today, their all good. enjoy the rest of your sunday.

I guess we all have different experiences...except for what little the cats were able to steal, and every once in a while a piece of chicken or turkey, they lived on Iams kibble and Whiskas canned food...lived 15 and 16 years with no trips to vet except for spay and neuter and final visit. Who knows, as long they are healthy, we'll all continue to do what we do...I do find this picture weird, mine wouldn't have eaten the pasta, I don't think, they would have just picked through for the meat...Sherry :)))


I found your post so very interesting, Kossamu. I'm so glad you had a healthy cat! I've read about vets treating people in emergencies, but not so much the other way around other than professionals at fire scenes, etc. I googled cat food and wonder what took so long, as the French were selling cat food in 1876. Reading the list of vitamins/minerals and what deficiencies they cause if missing, I'll stick to the processed stuff, having 3, one with a serious health issue that may be fatal at any time, we see the vet frequently enough. ツ ♥


I thought of Lady and the Tramp, too. Many changes, Kossamu. Some good and some bad. People seem to be so flabbergasted that my dogs love fruit and vegetables, but they do, and even broccholi doesn't bother them! :o)


Nothing wrong with people food. seventy years ago getting my first kitty is what she got to eat. There were no cat or dog food on the shelves at the market..and she lived for 16 years..another thing...there were no veterinarian either..a regular medical doctor would be the one to see when needed..❤️❤️

Don't think that's his meal. He probably jumped on the table and helped himself. :)

gonna have a sick cat eventually...pretty stupid...

Ha! Sure looks like it. :)


He watched "Lady and the Tramp"...

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