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Potpourri358 - HodgePodge - Jumbo - rj

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For smaller puzzle sizes 0 to 150 pieces please see "InConcert35_Small". For all small puzzles pre June 2016 please check all old puzzles in the archives of InConcert35.

"InConcert35" is used for all large puzzles sized 150 to 400. Enjoy! :D

~ Robyn ~
Please feel free to call me Robyn in lieu of InConcert35. :D
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  1. artsy35727:14
  2. mimijane27:34
  3. 157alverna31:31
  4. yeo31:48
  5. offpainting31:58
  6. InConcert3533:02
  7. lbilly33:46
  8. Pusle1634:02
  9. Fain34:27
  10. bluemucl35:58


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Oh, thank you, Um. (✿◠‿◠) I'm so glad you enjoyed this. It looks like a busy one, LOL.


Just wonderful, made my day, thanks a bunch.


Hi Mahalo. I've been on a hiatus. Can't believe I've been gone for a whole month. Time sure flies doesn't it?!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I'm so happy you liked it. :D Hope all is well with you. I have a couple more puzzles I'm working on so I should be posting again in the next week. In the meantime, take care, continue to stay safe. :-) @Mahalo

Love this fantastic purple puzzle - thanks for creating.


@anther Hi Anne. Glad you enjoyed the puzzle and the flower patterns. :D My pleasure, as always.


@puzzlefan56 Thank you kindly. :D I LOVE purples, every single different hue of it too! Good choice of colours, haha! ;-) That's probably why you will see a lot of them in my puzzles. And I'm very glad you enjoyed this one. :D


@dustin Thanks, dustin! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D


@adict Hi Jenny! So nice to see you, again. I'm so sorry to hear about another stay in the hospital for you. Please do take care and watch your step also. I know you had a few falls in the past. Anyway, I'm glad you're out of the hospital and able to drop by Jigidi to solve some more puzzles. It's always nice to see you. And I'm glad you enjoyed this one. :D


@newdeal Thanks! I'm so glad you liked them. :D


Fun in style & colour, even got flower patterns in the mix. Thanks Robyn (*~*)

Always look forward to your puzzles! Especially like your use of graphics and purple!


Like I tell our neighbor's dog...."Heal darn it, heal!" May you recover your strength and return to a good, long life. God Bless YOU!

Thank you Robyn for this wonderful puzzle, as always!

Robyn, Time is no longer important in completing puzzles now. It is that my brain can still function well enough to complete them that is important. Hurrah!. I have just had another hospital spell the 3rd in 8 months. Great colours,patterns and formats. I will complete you lovely postings as and when I am able to. I am not able to do them in hospital.

Very nice colours and patterns, as always. Thanks, Robyn!


You're very welcome, sz. My pleasure. :D


Glad to see you creating again. Thank you!

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