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Reminds Me Of Sally Stuthers, She Needs A Blond Wig.

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FYI: All In The Family Actress, Gloria
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Hello, niccolino, every once in awhile I hear from someone who is uncomfortable
around dolls, that is sad. I think someone must have been purposely cruel regarding
that child and a doll, during the child's development years, an older brother or a
cousin. I have never actually known or had anyone admit to me their feelings, so I am just guessing. Every once in awhile I will post, what is supposed to be a 'creepy doll' or I will
make a jigsaw for myself, as I feel sorry for the the doll having been put into the creepy
category. niccolino, if it hadn't been for RaynaGrace, I may not have caught this comment,
so thanks RaynaGrace.

RaynaGrace, regarding your dolls coming alive at night, Just think of it this way,
if they did come alive at night, they loved you, you took care of them, they were
there to protect you while you were sleeping, and they might have needed to have
a little 'doll down time' to unwind from all the activity during the day, the tea parties,
the dressing, the undressing, the bathes. Thank you for sharing, and I hope to
hear from you again.


Finally got around to this one. When I was little, I swore my dolls came alive at night. Never got over that feeling even though I'm an old girl now, lol. Thanks for sharing.


The facial expression on this doll is amazing! I do understand how some people feel uncomfortable. I have a friend who is freaked out by some of my dolls and wonders how I can have them in the house!


Thank you all for your comments, and racoon, thanks especially
for more information on this doll, I will post a puzzle of her and
also the guy that 'she' (still looks like Sally Struthers) is supposed
to represent. I am sure RaynaGrace will be looking forward to that.
: )


It's actually an old football doll, with a cloth helmet, and is supposed to represent Red Grange in a Chicago Bears uniform.


Wow, looks just like her. Wouldn't want to be in the same house as this one.

I agree. (shudder)

Very Creepy!

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